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    1. Yes that’s a good reaction! Kind of how I felt when I first found this. I’d been going through endless poetry videos, not feeling very impressed by many of them, but this one really made my day! 😀

        1. Oh that’s good! 🙂 I’ve seen Hollie McNish before on You Tube, some of her others were interesting too! Not a lot of British Poets on You Tube – but she’s definitely one!! Her accent – very London! If my parents had stayed in London after I was born I probably would have an accent like hers now – mine is a bit of a mash-up of various places! I tried some audio recordings of my own recently and my brother was really impressed, but said “It doesn’t sound like you – it’s sounds like you’ve got your best BBC voice on.” Meaning – I sounded posh!! 😀 It was partly down to the poem I was reading, I wanted it to sound a little like that, but this poetry reading is a real art, and although I’ve a done a bit of acting a long time ago – I have a lot more to learn before I put recordings of me reading poetry onto Soundcloud! 🙂

          But back to what she was saying in her poem – it’s really interesting to see someone so young saying something like that! I don’t know many people in their teens and early 20’s so I suppose I’ve assumed they like all this trashy fake love/porn thing, but that’s probably a warped view. I’m seeing it everywhere, especially on Tumblr blogs. Mm…you wouldn’t want to have an easily disturbed mind while blogging on Tumblr, it’s very different to WordPress! 😯 I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had an amusing Alice in Wonderland gif, or something childish and fun like that reblogged in-between a whole page of graphic porn gifs!!! I have to say, it made me laugh, but it kind of feels wrong seeing that little animated Disney character included on the page! 😀

          It does seem things have gone to extremes now, so it’s possible it’s time for a shift in thinking again. I’m all for romance, but as much as I love the 1950’s and some of those old films, I’m not too keen on the fluffy view they portrayed in those films, I like reality, real life is what we have to live. Frankie and Johnny (made in the 1990’s) that was a good film, that was real, and funny at times, have you ever seen that one? I think the kind of romance my Mum and Dad had in the 50’s wasn’t a good thing either – I think they felt quite let down by reality. 😦 But – does any generation ever get it right!!?

          Thanks for the link Rahburt, that was really good to see – and surprising too! 🙂

          1. yeah, her accent was fantastic. i’ll have to share some of my other poetry reading finds with you. ha, leave it to a brother to give you an honest review like that. so have you posted any of your readings here or anywhere where i can hear them??

            i don’t think your opinion of love concerning that age or any age for that matter is far off. ha, i have had the same experience with tumblr.

            i like your take on love. i want some attainable and sustainable love too, not the fictitious movie love. no, i’ve never seen frankie and johnny so i’ll to check it out. you’re right i don’t think a generation ever gets it, but i do think some wise few people know the foundation needed to build a strong love and make sure it’s built first.

            1. I haven’t put any recordings on here or anywhere yet, because I’ve been having real problems creating a recording that doesn’t have an annoying hiss of background noise mixed into the recording. It doesn’t seem to matter what microphone I’ve used, promising low background noise, it still seems to be present. In desperation I even got hold of an old Walkman cassette player that has a recording facility – and that had a hiss too!! 😐 I’m hoping to try another digital recording device that someone has offered me. But I won’t believe it until I’ve actually used it! So if no recordings go up, you’ll know I’m not having any success with the sound! In the mean time, I’m still practising, and getting used to the sound of my voice!

              I know you’ve done some You Tube videos Robert – don’t know how you do that – you’re very brave!! 😀 The thought of doing videos makes me nervous. The whole internet makes me nervous to be honest! Perhaps I’ll get the courage to move on once I’m used to the sound of my voice. 😀

              1. well that super stinks about the hissing sound. you don’t happen to have an iphone do you? because it has a pretty good recorder on it. or maybe you just didn’t notice that you speak with a hiss :P. haha, i hear you. i sometimes shoot double digit videos before i’m happy with it. and even then it is nerve racking and a feeling of vulnerability putting yourself out there. but you can do it! 🙂

                1. No, I don’t have an iphone! 😦 Someone else I know who posts her poetry recordings onto Soundcloud told me she uses her iphone, and yes her recordings have a great sound! I’m on a tight budget lifestyle at the moment, and can’t afford one, (too many other things need to be bought) so it will have to wait a while! 🙂 I’ve got a mobile phone that does everything I need except great recordings and great pictures! I have made a recording this week with an MP3 recorder that’s turned out to be very good, and incredibly cheap, just hope it lasts, as the company that makes it doesn’t seem to sell it any more, that always happens!

                  How do you know my voice has a hiss – cheeky!! 😀 But, you might be right, maybe I just didn’t notice it was coming from me!!! 😆 You will have to wait and see won’t you? Let me know what you think, and if you can hear my voice hissing!! 😀

                  1. well i’m glad you managed to get an MP3 recorder that seems to have cancelled out your hiss :). be gentle with it since it is a scarce device, ha. yup, i guess i will have to see or actually hear 😉

    1. It is brilliant, I couldn’t believe how beautifully someone had put this all together. I wish I knew how to do those word videos, some of them for music are good too.

      Taylor Mali has a great voice, I have a lot to learn when it comes to reading poetry! 🙂

  1. This spoken word was brilliant. I’m sharing it on all my media sites, and in addition, FORCING my pre-teen daughter to listen to it. Maybe ten times in a row.
    It’s just too good to NOT share.
    Thank you for posting this.

    1. I’m guessing your daughter won’t be falling into any of these habits now!! 😉 It is important to be aware of how we speak, people do judge us a lot by our speaking and body language too. Shouldn’t be like that, but that’s the way the world is. I don’t think it’s something you want to know about when you are a teenager though – I certainly didn’t! 🙂

      Oh yes, share away – this video should be shared as much as possible! 🙂 I put this on my Tumblr blog as well, not many people into poetry on there – a very young world, most of Tumblr, but they liked this one, that surprised me!

      He’s got an excellent voice for poetry – in fact he’s good at writing them too! 😉 Glad you you enjoyed it! 😀

    1. Yes, it annoys me too, but I suppose there have been many passing fashions in how people have spoken over many years. I’m sure it will pass, like all the others! I wonder what’s coming next? (That was a real question!!) 😀

    1. Haha yes, that endless question on the end of a normal sentence!! 😀 The bandwagon of my uncertainty – it’s a very good phrase that! I’m not always keen on Taylor Mali’s poems, but when he’s good he’s amazing. Great voice for it too!

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