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Thank you for discovering this blog, welcome to WordMusing!

I love writing about all aspects of life in poetry and short stories.  I also present stories and poetry through spoken word.  My subjects are often autobiographical, real life to some extent, but sometimes I drop into fantasy mode.  I’m fascinated with the process of writing and discovering more new ways to write.
In 2017 I returned to photography, a hobby that greatly interested me back in the 80’s.  In those days I did a lot of portraits, but today I’ve found more of an interest in still life, and also capturing some creative pictures of the city where I live.  To see what I get up to in the world of photography, please visit my Flickr page.  Most of my images posted on Flickr are set to a Creative Commons (non commercial) licence.  You are welcome to use those images for your blog in return for a credit for each image used. (Please read details of CC licence).
A selection of my photography can also be found on
Pexels, Stocksnap and Pxhere.  The images I post on those websites are licensed as ‘Public Domain‘ anyone can use those images for all purposes, including commercial use without the need to give credit or ask permission.  My free images from Pexels can now be easily accessed within the WordPress ‘Free Photo Library‘.


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Other places to find me

SuzyMusing   SoundCloud     YouTube

Darcy Ellington


*All written works on this blog by Suzy Hazelwood are the copyright © of the author of this blog, and must not be used for publication for profit without permission. However, if you have a blog or a website and you would like to use some of my written work, please make sure you give me full credit as the author and create a clear link back to this blog.  Also please feel free to reblog or use any of the share options for the posts.


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If you have any enquires regarding my poetry or photography please leave your message in the contact box below.  I will get back to you via email.  You can also post your message in the comment box below.




4 thoughts on “ABOUT/LINKS

  1. Thank you for seeking me out Jurgen – you’re very sharp, not many would think to check out my links, thank you! I did check out your blog too as I find your poetry very interesting, I was logged out at the time, so have you on a list to get back to very soon. Looking forward to reading some more of your poetry too. Thank you, I hope 2016 is a good one for you! 🙂

    1. thanks very much, Suzy – looking forward to reading your poems and stories – all best wishes, Jurgen 🙂

  2. Thank you Guy, I would be very much interested in your photoart. I shall take another look at your Flickr page and contact you there. Thanks so much for contacting me!! 🙂

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