Ideas Are Like Tall Trees




Ideas are like tall trees
they begin microscopic
small beams of humble enlightenment
until a mighty body emerges
and boughs like warrior arms reach
draping and lush
inviting suggestion

I am surrounded
by many eager minds
towering above
my own narrow imagination

Kings and Queens
of profound thought
how they stretch to find me
so my inner eyes
may witness restoration

Ideas are like tall trees
where even darkness
fails to demolish


Picture: McKellaSawyerArt 


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‘Ideas Are Like Tall Trees’ came about because of this image.   I’d saved it in a file for inspiration for my Tumblr poetry blogThe first thing that came to mind was how tall those trees were towering above the man, and for some reason that made me think of how ideas of the mind can seem so much taller than ourselves and the wonder of the possibilities of those thoughts ever becoming a reality.  And also how we are inspired by others, the living and deceased who allowed one small thought to grow and lead to astounding events or inventions.  Many of those ideas we use in our everyday lives and we give very little thought to a time before someone thought them up (electricity, clean fresh running water, and of course not forget – computers.)

It’s incredible how one tiny thought can grow into something huge and change our lives.  Just think about it – the creation of the internet was once a small seedling thought growing in the mind.  Wow – look at it now – it’s a vast forest that never stops growing!

And I’m sure some of you like me will remember that small thought you had about starting a blog one day.  The idea greatly appealed, but I felt it was too much to handle in many ways.  But that was so not true.  I learned how to do everything a bit at time, and what seemed impossible became possible because I continued to hold on to the thought.

Never let go of ideas, no matter how unlikely they seem.  You can put them on shelves for a while if you like, but make sure take them down every so often and give those seedlings a little water, they can turn into the most brilliant things! 😀



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Poetry by Lauren Scott
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