The White Birch ~ The Weight Of Spring

I wore the dark
I watched the light undress the mark
The weight of spring
The darkness brings

I called for grace
In a lovers loss, in distant face
As years were spent
And hearts were bent
Hearts were bent

I close my eyes to the sound of spring
What is there to see
In the songs they bring?
Love will never change
The morning sun
Love will never change
The way the way the darkness runs

I felt the doubt
Of a better man who had fallen out
And spring was bold
As hearts turned cold
Hearts turned cold

I close my eyes to the sound of spring
What is there to see
But the songs they bring
Love will never change
The morning sun
Love will never change
The way the darkness runs

I so loved this album The Weight Of Spring and especially this track, I thought I’d create a relaxation video – so please enjoy!

I don’t believe the song is actually about spring, but has a much deeper meaning, a very personal one.  The whole album was dedicated to the mother of Ola Fløttum who passed away during the creation of this album.  I definitely feel a strong sense of that in the music and the lyrics.  But having said that, it’s one of those albums with songs the listener can form their own feeling on what they’re about. I relate to music like that a lot.

If you love the laid back sound to this track, you can listen to all the tracks from the  album in this You Tube playlist, and here are the lyrics.

Unfortunately The White Birch no longer exist as a band, but you can still buy their four inspiring albums from iTunes and Amazon.

If you’d like to read more about Ola Fløttum and the album The Weight Of Spring you may find this blog post of interest.

*(2017 update)

You can now view the official music video for the Weight Of Spring.




Dulce Et Decorum Est ~ Read by Christopher Eccleston

Dulce et Decorum est” is a poem written by Wilfred Owen during World War I, and published posthumously in 1920. The Latin title is taken from the Roman poet Horace and means “it is sweet and honorable…”, followed by pro patria mori, which means “to die for one’s country”. Owen’s poem is known for its horrific imagery and condemnation of war.

I came across this poem a few days ago, and thought it was a powerful statement of the reality of war.  Dulce et Decorum est is just one of a collection of poetry readings remembering World War 1 (Channel 4 2013).  You can watch the other videos of those poems on this You Tube channel.



My Interview With Nadia Gerassimenko

InterviewWhen it comes to being asked for an interview, I’m absolutely the last to volunteer.  The very thought makes me feel a little uncomfortable!  But Nadia Gerassimenko who I met on Writers Café has such wonderful enthusiasm and an excellent blog too, it didn’t seem right to say no.  She turned out to be the best interviewer!   If anyone wants to know a bit more about me, it can be found here.

Nadia is always on the lookout for a new writer to interview, so if an interview appeals, you can contact her here.   She is a writer of good poetry herself and also writes some of the best book reviews I’ve read.   She often chooses books that are not mainstream reading material, and tells the reader what they need to know, not what they don’t – I really like that.




Light Finds You



When there seems
no progressive road
the past
light finds you
the way out
the door awaits

The way
finds you


I guess I could reverse this poem and say ‘you find light’.  The question burning in my mind is…….in troubled times, at the end of a long dark tunnel, does light find us, or are we drawn to light?

This little poem started out as a Twitter micropoem, it was never intended to be anything more.  I decided to post it on Hello Poetry and I noticed compared to a few other poems I’d posted at the same time it was very quickly gaining unexpected attention.  On the 26th November it was chosen as the Daily Poem.  I was amazed at how other writers responded.  So I decided to record it, but a little different than a straight reading.  I’ve been thinking of creating a more surreal artistic style in spoken word accompanied with music for some time.  It was a refreshing change and see to how I could alter what I’ve previously done.

A lot of poets on SoundCloud like to create that kind of fantasy style and some find their readings transformed with a collaboration with a musician.  It’s great fun and very much another kind of blog – sound blogging.

AudioBoom is anther website to post your recordings and also ReverbNation.  Both SoundCloud and AudioBoom are compatible with WordPress and embed into posts and pages with no problems.  ReverbNation is a great site but won’t embed into WordPress.

I’m a little behind with some of your blog posts at the moment.  I’ve been battling a vicious head cold for about three weeks that just doesn’t want to give up and move on – life is a bit chaotic!  😦   In the next few days I’ll be catching up on those blog posts, then I’ll be off for a blog break.  I’ll be returning in January/February.

I wish you all a peaceful seasonal celebration ⛄️🎄❄️ and may you find all the light you need!  🙂



Digging Up Paradise
Sarah Salway



The Secret ~ Revisited



It was strange sitting on that bench looking at sandcastles we hadn’t built, kites stretched to the sky with no need of our hands.  It was strange seeing children in whirls of excitement for beach holidays, wild fairground rides waiting to induce the scream.  It was all… so familiar.

It was strange all of that, was no longer you or I.

We sat quiet, serene smiles on faces looking out to sea.  As if we’d arrived to watch a show, wondering where all the years had vanished.  How had we become the still people?  The ones slumped in deck chairs eating sandwiches, sipping lemonade with newspapers draped over heads, shading their pink English skin from the unexpected heat of the day.  How their eyes had followed us, amused at what our little hands could do with a plastic bucket, a spade, and a heap of soggy sand.

We have discovered, no matter how hard we try to keep all we’ve known alive, change is always certain.  Time ticks, and who we’ve become will continue to surprise.

We may be confused children, absent of Mum and Dad, empty of buckets and spades, with a lack of desire for castles made of sand, to cut the wind with a kite, get chills from awesome rides, or revel in artificial game score highs at the arcade.  But at least we are still a brother and sister who laugh a lot, share a precious moment, and remind ourselves appearances lie….we are the same people we always were.

It’s all on inside, not the outside.  And only we know the secret of how to find the real boy, the real girl.




Some of you may remember this story from a post I created in September 2013 called The Secret.  It was a poem, with photos of a seaside town I visited in Lowestoft, Suffolk.  I’ve not done a repost before, so I decided to rewrite this into short story style and record it.

If you’ve read too much today, you can sit back, be lazy, rest your eyes and listen to this one!  The original post contains a lot more photographs of the day, a traditional British cream tea, and a beautiful surfing video filmed in Lowestoft.  If you’d like to see it you can view it here.



51QgNPRw1mLDaughter Of Darkness ~ Katya Mills
Buy on Amazon



Ricky & Doris: Friendship At It’s Best

I know some of you have already seen this, so please don’t feel obliged to make a second comment. Just thought I’d spread this charming story a little further! To view the videos please click the link for ‘view original’.


Thank you Geo for this uplifting thought, and such a lovely photograph too!

Geo Sans

I dream

all voices

circulating winds

hovering high


one grand sound

in harmony

in love

I dream


Matching henna butterfly

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