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A little collection of things I discovered while learning how to blog!



There was a time when I had no idea where everyone got their smiley’s from.  I had to ask another blogger, and they very kindly told me how to do these two  🙂   😀

I felt like my comments had a lot more expression in them with smiley’s attached.  I know not everyone likes smiley’s, some don’t see the point in using them, and others hate them so much they disable them in the settings on their blog.  That’s when I resort to using my own  :o)   :o(    :o/  ;o)   :o0   But, if you do like them and you’d like to know how to create the WordPress official smiley’s, here’s a link on how to use them.  Using Smiley’s

You can also copy and paste from the Emoji list as easily as you would use them on your Twitter page.

Sometimes I like to use another type of smiley, especially animated ones in my posts.  Here’s some links to a few of the websites I find them on.  gfxlovers.com  animaatjes.de  free smiley’s.org  glittergraphics.com   I can use most of these copied and pasted into my own comments too, but – not in other bloggers comment boxes.  WordPress must have some kind of code that prevents these being posted on another blog.  Best to try them in a test post or a comment box on your own blog and then delete it afterwards. 

Have fun experimenting! 😀




How To Get Extra Spaces Between Video, Pictures & Text

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem or if it varies from one theme to another, but ever since I’ve been on WordPress I’ve had a lot of scratching my head moments, as to how many things on here work, and I’ve found nearly all the answers to my questions now.  But there was one problem that really drove me crazy, I couldn’t find anything written about it on WordPress as to how to get round it. 

I found whenever I pressed return twice although it was showing as two or more clear lines in a preview of the post, when I pressed publish my extra line would disappear and save as some kind of automatic two line spacing.  Also some themes have a date pasted onto the post, and when text is added without a picture first it wraps around the date, destroying the neat layout and makes the beginning of the post look a mess.

I eventually found an easy solution.  Press return and then put some stars ** a line __ or full stops .. in fact any text will do, then turn that text whatever colour your page is.  So if your page is white turn your ** white, or if your page is black turn your ** black, it will appear to vanish, but if you highlight it you’ll find it’s still there.  After you press publish your extra line spacing will save as you have set it.

You can do this as many times as you need and create a large gap between text, pictures and embedded video.  There may be an official way to do this, but it’s the only way round the problem I’ve found and I’m still using it now. 

If you think you have another answer to this, please let me know!


Are Your Poems Too Spaced Out?

There is a weird auto setting on WordPress that creates a two line spacing when you type in short lines for poetry.  An in depth explanation as to why can be found here.  But if you don’t want to read all of that – try holding down the shift button at the same time as pressing return and it will go down to one line spacing, and your poems will look more compact and a lot less s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d!

I copy and paste my poems into a WordPress post and then remove the extra lines added starting from the bottom to the top.  Press backspace key once – press and hold shift key – press return.  Do this all the way up to the beginning of your poem and you will have a nice neat one line spaced poem.  Very tedious I know, but I haven’t found any other way round this.

If you’ve know of another way please let me know, I’d be very interested to hear it!


link_symbolCreating Links Behind Written Word Or Pictures

When I first started this blog I found the process of learning how to create a post fairly simple, but there were always a few little things I didn’t know how to do.  Creating a link on a page or post was easy, but I would often see words that were highlighted as a link without the great big long details of the link itself.  I could never find any information on how to do it.  I worked it out for myself in the end.  Here’s one for example  https://wordmusing.wordpress.com/short-stories/ 

I could make it much neater by hiding those details behind a couple of words like this Short Stories.  Looks more professional, takes up less room and is more eye catching.

To create one of these links highlight your word/words then click the link symbol above, a box will pop up.  Copy and paste your chosen link where it says Enter the destination URL.  Tick the little box that says Open link in new window/tab – this will open the link in another tab leaving the reader still connected to the original page they had open.  Then click the blue Add Link button at the bottom of the box, and your word/words should now be highlighted blue with a line underneath.  If you don’t like the default colour your blog theme uses for links, highlight the word/words and select a different font colour.

You can also link pictures in this way too.  Click on your chosen picture in your post or page and follow exactly the same steps as creating a link behind a word.  Always click on the picture when you’ve finished, just to make sure the link has been created correctly. 

Simple when you know how!

If you have a WordPress problem you’ve solved, let me know, it will be good to be aware of any others!



16 thoughts on “WordPress Tips

  1. Hi, the font bit does not seem to work. Once it’s pasted into the post, it reverts to the default post font. Thanks, anyway.

    1. Oh- interesting! You have a different theme to mine, so there must be some annoying default mode. Maybe you could try a similar, but different theme? It’s really lovely to be able to have the different fonts, but I suppose it depends also on what you are creating. Thanks for your comment, very much appreciated! 😀

  2. There really is so much to learn. I need the book sitting right beside me. I am always seeing somebody do something clever but can’t remember who it was doing it. 😦
    I think I need to create another blog just to practice on.
    I do think the themes make the difference. My blogs both have the same theme. I tried some others but decided I could either write something or fiddle with the controls.
    Found out I could do neither. lol

    1. Oh yes, sometimes I feel I need a book with me too, but the temptation to swear at the screen has diminished quite a bit, now I know more of what I’m doing! Yes I think the themes do vary a lot, I’ve only tried out three types. The one I have for the Picture This Art blog is mainly a different colour to this one, but is very similar on the dashboard, best to keep it simple! 😀

  3. Hi Suzy, what a lovely blog! I’ve been looking around and enjoying your posts :-).

    I too got frustrated with the extra lines WP dropped in to my poems when I copy and pasted them. The way I discovered to get around this is as follows:

    – just above the box where you put your text and other lovely stuff in, there are two tabs: one marked ‘visual’ and one marked ‘text’. If you click the ‘text’ tab it will change the icons across the top, but just ignore them.
    – paste in your text
    – then, click back to ‘visual’ tab.

    Hope this helps and stops you having to do the annoying clicks and deletes on every line :-).

    1. Thank you Angela! 🙂 I did give what you suggested a try, and yes it does work – very useful to know, thank you for letting me in on the knowledge! I don’t think for me it’s going to work though, because although it does certainly resolve the problem of the extra lines instantly, it doesn’t keep the font that I have chosen from my own computer document, but converts it to just the plain text, like the one this post is written in. I don’t know if you noticed, but I have used many different types of fonts and sizes on my posts. That’s mainly why I copy and paste work into WordPress. It seems that doesn’t work for everyone, some themes just wont allow it!

      I find the fonts in the ‘iTheme2’ are a little plain. I do use some of the other heading fonts sometimes, but they have a kind of a shadow under them, which is very effective for small amounts of writing, but might not be great for a whole poem or story! I’m not sure I want to go for an upgrade yet, not entirely convinced by what I’ve seen, or that you get many more fonts or sizes either.

      It would be more simple for all of us if WordPress just made all these themes work the same way!! But thank so much for your comment, it’s useful to know, and may come in handy for some of the writing I post here!
      Suzy 😀

      1. Oh, I hadn’t realised you could copy the fonts across Suzy, that’s good to know :-). I know what you mean about the different themes. I keep changing mine (like to keep the energy fresh :-)) and each one’s different and throws everything out. Makes life interesting, I suppose!

    1. Ah, that’s good! 🙂 I was driven a bit crazy by some of these things when I first started, so I thought perhaps posting the results of some of what I discovered might be of use to someone! The line spacing thing, I learnt on a writers site I was on before I opened the blog, someone explained it in a comment to another writer and I found it worked. I just joined another writers website last week and the same applies in there too, so I think that line spacing thing is some basic internet setting on writing, which I think is what WordPress go into in their explanation on Writing and Formatting Poetry. I’m very pleased you found it useful! 🙂

      By the way, I did eventually come across about six other blogs that I couldn’t make comments on yesterday evening, so not to worry, it’s not just your blog – something strange going on – there always is for one reason or another!! 😀

      1. Yes, I did find it very useful! It’s so good that you listed your findings. It saves us time and frustration!! 🙂 I’m also very happy to hear since the issue is abroad. Then, I’m sure WordPress will have it ironed out after no time. 🙂

    1. Oh yes, it drives everyone bonkers!! 😀 I first learned how to do that on a writers site called Jottify, one of the writers brought the subject up, and it was kindly explained by another. It occurs everywhere on the internet on websites and blogs, I have the same problem on my Tumblr blogs too, but once you know this little trick it’s easily solved. I’m very pleased to hear it was of help, that’s the main purpose of this page, and thank you for letting me know, very much appreciated! 🙂

  4. This is really useful – thanks for sharing. In the initial days I tried experimenting but soon I got satisfied with the basic formats. This has inspired me to try something new.

    1. Thank you Bindu!! It is easy to stay with what you know. But at least there’s an ‘undo’ button if you make a mistake, or the very worst ‘trash this post!’ I find it’s all so much easier when you get creative with text and media. I hope you do branch out and try something new! 🙂

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