You were ready to walk
through the Night with me
but you died on a Winter day
and left me Spring as a legacy.

Flowers and words in blue,
words and flowers from you:
now what is yours is mine
and what is mine is yours.

Love is not missing.
Thank you for
the Blessing.

© Frédéric Georges Martin

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Blue ~ Poetry Video


Captur-00Recently I was asked by a writer friend on WattPad (also Mia Lotus on You Tube) if I’d like to be one of the poets for a charitable project website of hers (Songs For The Sea) to encourage and inspire us all to care more about the ocean. I wrote two ocean related poems and also decided to create a poetry video.  My lovely artist friend Karen Gadient created some beautiful ‘blue’ abstract art to go with the poem

Most of my videos on my You Tube page that are not my own film are free creative commons footage, but on this occasion I decided to purchase some pieces of short film from Shutterstock.  They have an amazing collection of film footage on Shutterstock, but it’s probably not something I’ll be spending much money on with future videos as it’s quite costly.

The point of my poetry video is to show how misguided it is to spend so much time and money on space projects in the hope of finding life when there is an abundance of life in the ocean, some of which has barely been explored. 

The ocean is a world within our world and is so crucial to the functioning of the planet we live on.  Space on the other hand, fascinating it may be, but I don’t feel it’s as relevant as the sea or important enough to be spending vast sums of public money in exploration that doesn’t appear to result in much at all. The sea these days seems to be turning into a convenient dumping ground – that’s just so wrong.  I wonder if another habitable planet was ever found, humans would just go and dump their garbage there too?

You can find more poets writing on (Songs For The Sea) under the poetry category and also a collection of talented singers and musicians. In January 2017 there will be a CD music compilation of all the singers and musicians listed. 

Also at some point an ebook of poetry will be published.  Both of those items will be sold in aid of charity.  If it interests you, then make sure to bookmark the website for future visits.

Please enjoy the video – it’s a bit of chill out poetry experience! 🙂

Story Of My Life ~ ThePianoGuys

If you haven’t discovered ThePianoGuys yet, take a look at their You Tube page – they’re beautifully entertaining! 🙂



Mr Happy Man


John Lennon - Happiness Quote - 07



I’ve had this video listed in my bookmarks for ages, I thought it was about time I posted it!  I’ve never met anyone so full of happiness like Johnny Barnes or have ever experienced that kind of happiness, but I absolutely admire the guy for being true to himself, and living out whatever comes naturally to him.  He’s clearly an inspiration and has a heart-warming effect on his neighbourhood… what a lovely sweet man… what dedication! ♥


What Happiness Is To Me

Happiness_by_CogitusI completely agree with John Lennon’s statement about happiness, I felt like that too. 

I wouldn’t call myself a happy smiley person, those big smiles I used to give for family photos in childhood were just because I was a good smiler!

I’m convinced the interpretation of happiness is very much down to each individual person as to what it means to them, no-one should fall into the trap of comparing themselves with others on levels of happiness.  There are no rules or measurements in this life on how we should feel.

For me it’s not about having a smile on my face all the time or laughing a lot, but has more to do with eliminating negative thoughts that create clutter, and knowing that my mind is quiet and settled.  I remember all too well as a teenager what it was like to have a turbulent mind, to be up high one day and down low the next.

I consider myself lucky I found determination to deal with unstable thinking at a young age.  I dread to imagine what kind of person I would be now, if I hadn’t been able to analyse my thought patterns and turned my thinking in the right direction.


Share How You Feel

One thing that came across loud and clear to me in this film about Johnny Barnes was how important it is to be able to give something of ourselves to others.  For Johnny it’s spreading his happy feeling because that’s what he’s full of.  I wonder if he wasn’t able to be free to share his inner feelings if that would make him feel unhappy?  But, maybe nothing can make that beaming man unhappy!

I’m sure keeping things we could share with others enclosed within ourselves is responsible for a lot of unhappiness in the world.  We all need freedom to be who we are.  If the only thing someone can do at this moment is share how miserable they feel, then perhaps they should do that.  Making an effort to connect with others who are in the same place, has got to be better than not telling anyone at all.  At least it’s being real.  I honestly believe being real is essential to human sanity and discovering a reasonable level of happiness.  Maybe through that sharing, a better state of mind may eventually occur.

But if you are one of those naturally happy people, don’t forget to spread it far and wide like dear Johnny Barnes, it makes the world a whole lot more smiley!

Hoping you all have a happy Easter holiday! 🐰🐣


Picture -> Happiness by Cogitus – Deviantart


Tea Room Adventure

Biddy's Tea Room - Norwich - 3


My little adventure in tea and cakes-0002

Something different today – a sneaky peek of the city where I live.  In December I visited a vintage style tea room in Norwich (England).  I wish I could invite you all for afternoon tea, but hopefully this post will create the illusion you have done just that! 🙂

From the window display Biddy’s Tea Room looks more like a gift shop, and I’ve been walking past this gorgeous teashop for a long time not realizing it was somewhere to eat and just my kind of place.   That’s what happens when you live in a tourist city, you get used to the surroundings and you don’t see things in the same way as the visitors, you can end up missing out.  I shall pay more attention in the future.

Biddy’s Tea Room was created by Charlie Buchan in 2010.  She explains on her website I’ve always been interested in history and obsessed with antiques. I wanted Biddy’s to reflect the bits I loved in each era… the whimsicalness of the Victorians, the ingenuity of the Edwardians, the romance of the pre-Raphaelites and the work ethic of arts and crafts!  It’s a lot to ask-but I tried to cram as much of this into Biddy’s as I could – I always just hoped people ‘got it’?!

As you will probably see from my pictures, she really has created a wonderful glimpse into the history of afternoon tea and cake in beautiful English tea rooms.  It was like stepping back in time to a scene from an old movie.  I loved the genuine homely antique furniture and the variety of mismatched crockery.  It was just like my Grandmothers home – none of her plates, cups or saucers ever matched.

I kept saying to my brother, “I feel like we’re going meet some really interesting person from the past, perhaps Oscar Wilde sitting in an armchair writing some poetry!  It was a unique and delightfully surreal time travel experience!!

And of course, the tea and cake was delicious.  I’m looking forward to trying the restaurant upstairs to discover more of their main menu next time.  The staff were very friendly and relaxed too, and were happy for us to take some photos.  If you click on the gallery for these pictures they look so much better, there’s also an option under each picture to view them in full size.  The first two pictures and also the last one were taken by my brother, all the others are mine.

I didn’t use the flash on my camera because I wanted to capture the cosy feeling.  I was surprised I was able to get any good pictures without a lot of camera shake, I must have a more steady hand than I thought.  And if you’re wondering what that tall building with a string of Christmas lights around it is, it’s the city hall clock tower.







I was amazed to find an excellent video on You Tube all about Biddy’s Tea Room (See further down post).  It shows all the bits I haven’t captured in the pictures, and also what it looks like in the summer season.

I’ve been living in this medieval city since 1990.  It was only meant to be temporary, I had some vague plan to live in London one day, but you couldn’t drag me away now, it is such a beautiful place to live.

Norwich has thirty-three medieval church buildings, two cathedrals, an art deco city hall and a striking Norman castle high on a hill looking down at the city centre.  Although the exterior of the castle was refaced in 1839 with Bath stone covering over the flint and Caen stone walling making the castle blend in with a lot of other new buildings of that era.  The original walls would have looked very different and can only be seen from the inside.  If you’re into historical buildings that’s a very good reason to pay it a visit and also take a look at it’s museum and scary dungeons – and believe me, they are very creepy!!

Also there are two large shopping malls, four cinemas, five theatres and a really vibrant outdoor market, trading virtually on the same spot for almost 900 years.  On Saturdays the city centre streets often come alive with buskers, and other street entertainers, we even have our own living statue of Charlie Chaplin Anthony Arnold not only performs in Norwich but has twirled that cane in Hollywood too on his many travels with his captivating performance of Charlie.

Each year in July we have a Lord Mayors Celebration, which is basically a huge carnival, including a beer and music festival, a selection of outdoor theatre productions, and a huge firework display launched from the roof of the castle as the grand finale of the evening celebrations.  Rockabilly band Derrière (from Brighton) performed at the festival just around the corner from Biddy’s Tea Room in 2012, and somehow, I managed to miss that show 😦 – they sound so good!  If you like the sound of their music you might like Battle Plan, one of their official videos.   Time to dance now!!

If anyone living in Norwich says they’re bored, it can only be a state of mind, there are so many things to do and places to visit in the surrounding area, you can never get bored living in this city.







Wasting My Young Years ~ London Grammar

London Grammar is one of those new bands I accidentally discovered recently on one of my You Tube trips!  I love Hannah Reid’s haunting voice, and I’m looking forward to see what they come up with next.  Here’s a live version of this song.  If you want to hear more of their music visit their You Tube or SoundCloud page, also Wikipedia or their website. .

My Revolution



All my life
I’ve endured a weight of exclusion
never the one who can
always the one who can’t
never the one with
but constant without

Standing afar
a stranger
in a whirl of happening
where my would be
never could be

The birth of desire
gifted in grief
ability almost visible
but before my hands could grasp
the thief came to steal
crushing me down

It’s time to wipe the memory
shake my head and say “no”
that I will submit and agree
to every thought declaring
“this is who you are”

This is the end
of the exclusion road
a termination for the could or would
no more stranger
wishing from afar
the negative rejected
because in these days
I truly can
and I know I will

Exclusion –
where are you now?

Your mighty weight
has been discarded
from my fortified bones
the embellishment of your name
from my beautiful skin
my revolution is real


Picture: seeinglight.deviantart


It’s difficult for me to explain the details of what inspired this poem without going into more detail than I’m prepared to splash across the internet.  Some things are just too private, also a little complicated to explain and I’m sure you don’t want to read my life history!!  But what I can say is it came from a sudden realization of how my thinking had been affected, in a way infected, subtly laced with thoughts of ‘I can’t’.

It was one of those unexpected and totally clarifying moments where I finally saw something that was so hidden it had become part of my personality, but was actually down to certain circumstances past and present, and had nothing do to with the real me.  It was time to change my thinking.

I’m not a believer in revolutions in general, they are often an illusion and only rarely have a lasting effect.  But the revolutions of the mind, they’re the ones we need most.  I’ve had many of those moments in my life, and they are so essential to moving on, letting go, crawling out of the caterpillar stage and becoming that butterfly.  So this is dedicated to all those who have ever felt excluded for any reason at all.

Even if circumstances, your fears, or lack of confidence are still ruling, it’s irrelevant, you can still choose to begin to change your thinking.  Tell yourself daily – you are not excluded, don’t worry about how you feel, just say it anyway.  Change has to start somewhere, and it’s often with the tiniest thought, and an awesome word or two! 😉




I’ve wanted to share this wonderful song from Ane Brun for so long, it seems very appropriate with this poem.  I wish there was a video, but this is the only version I could find on You Tube.  I hope you find it inspiring!

Stones from dust
Anger from fear
Poetry from heartbeats
Revolution from dreams
Revolution from dreams
Revolution from dreams

It all starts somewhere
It all starts with one
Everything comes from something
It all starts with one
Starts with one