Serpents and Wolves


A flash fiction story of the creeps of this world, the people you wished you never met. Those not content with their own life, they want a piece of yours too…



She had wrestled with many a serpent that wrapped it’s slinky body around hers, tightening it’s grip for death, squeezing her of every drop of life.  Each time, escape appeared by a slim chance, luck was there in the moment.  There were wolves too, voices oozing charm, dressed in style, in the woolly warmness of sheep; but hungry dogs, dribbling, waiting impatiently to devour a good meal.  She had run from them all, breathless, wide-eyed, heart pounding within the chase.

They wanted life, her life, desiring those beautiful things.  Needing to be full of all the good that was in her, to enable them to shine, as she did.

But much has changed, she scans the world with new eyes, in these untrustworthy days.  Now the living dead can only afford to hiss and growl in darkness.  Not once will they get close enough, to lick the salt and taste how delicious she is.  Not close enough, to hold on and wring her dry, not any more.

She sees them coming now, even before the day dawns.  She hears their mischievous desires, moan and rumble like distant thunder on a cool breeze.  It is always the same, as each one approaches; a cheesy grin, the freak in disguise, with its deep inhale of breath, ready to spin the hallucinogenic tale of their lives.

Their blatant nakedness wants to make her break out in girlie giggles.  But she holds them in, stops it all with a little finger on her lip.  Shines a sophisticated smile, and asks quietly, “Who are you?”  Then turns her back, walks far away.  Never looking behind, not even a thought of it.  No fighting, no running.  Her heart remains quiet within.

Three words – and they are nothing.  Ignored, to complete disintegration.  Those mutants who prowl, to destroy her beautiful world.  Slain with a question they can never answer.  For even they do not know who they are.

Her light shines, just a little brighter.  Life goes on – life lives in her.



PictureForest Warrior