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Captur-00Recently I was asked by a writer friend on WattPad (also Mia Lotus on You Tube) if I’d like to be one of the poets for a charitable project website of hers (Songs For The Sea) to encourage and inspire us all to care more about the ocean. I wrote two ocean related poems and also decided to create a poetry video.  My lovely artist friend Karen Gadient created some beautiful ‘blue’ abstract art to go with the poem

Most of my videos on my You Tube page that are not my own film are free creative commons footage, but on this occasion I decided to purchase some pieces of short film from Shutterstock.  They have an amazing collection of film footage on Shutterstock, but it’s probably not something I’ll be spending much money on with future videos as it’s quite costly.

The point of my poetry video is to show how misguided it is to spend so much time and money on space projects in the hope of finding life when there is an abundance of life in the ocean, some of which has barely been explored. 

The ocean is a world within our world and is so crucial to the functioning of the planet we live on.  Space on the other hand, fascinating it may be, but I don’t feel it’s as relevant as the sea or important enough to be spending vast sums of public money in exploration that doesn’t appear to result in much at all. The sea these days seems to be turning into a convenient dumping ground – that’s just so wrong.  I wonder if another habitable planet was ever found, humans would just go and dump their garbage there too?

You can find more poets writing on (Songs For The Sea) under the poetry category and also a collection of talented singers and musicians. In January 2017 there will be a CD music compilation of all the singers and musicians listed. 

Also at some point an ebook of poetry will be published.  Both of those items will be sold in aid of charity.  If it interests you, then make sure to bookmark the website for future visits.

Please enjoy the video – it’s a bit of chill out poetry experience! 🙂


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  1. I really enjoyed watching this along with reading your thoughts regarding our beautiful and, apparently, rare world. Although I am also fascinated with space, you provided some powerful and sensible thoughts on why we need to pay much more attention to our oceans and seas. Thank you.

    1. In some ways I’m fascinated with space too, but just can’t see how it relates that much to our everyday lives on earth. I wish it did…it would be amazing! It’s worrying as to how much garbage and chemicals are being dumped into the oceans – probably a lot more than we get to hear about. Humans do seem obsessed with temporary possessions, and little thought goes into where it’s going to end up. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment Gary, very much appreciated! 🙂

  2. Hi Suzy! How are you?
    Absolutely loved this. Love innovations. Beautiful video, voice and verse. The ocean is so enigmatic and alluring and I enjoyed the dive.

    1. Hello again Bindu!! 😀 So lovely to hear from you, I was hoping you might return soon!

      Thank you very much, it was a challenge to make, but so good to learn how. I have lots of ideas, just got to find the time and get down to it – which is easier said than done! Ah yes, where would we all be without the ocean – not very alive I suspect! 😉

      I’m looking forward to some day trips to the sea this summer, I’m lucky I live fairly near to the coastline. Are you anywhere close to sea where you are?

      1. We are close to the Red Sea though trips to the beach are rare. Now it is the peak of the desert summer and even the sea will be boiling. But during cooler seasons we sometimes spend time there.

        1. The red sea…wow! I can’t imagine the sea boiling, that’s fascinating!! Even after several weeks of hot weather in the UK the sea is nearly always icy cold. Wonderful on scorching days! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Sumyanna! 🙂 Good to see you here on WordPress, and thank you for contacting me on The Writing Garden too! It may be a little while before I get back to you on that, but it’s a definite that I will. Takes me some time to get through the submissions and create the issues – I get there slowly, but surely! 😀

  3. Thanks so much Ginger for the reblog! You’ve done so many of mine, thank you for your kindness, that’s so thoughtful and sweet of you!! 😀

  4. Hi Suzy, I love this video; what a good idea, and as for the sea, I quite agree with your sentiments, and have studied the sea, and even trained underwater tour guides for then local travel industry. I lectured on many topics to do with the sea, including the way that man is slowly destroying it, just like they are so many other parts of our planet and its web of life. I am so glad to have found you again, and am looking forward to the next Writing garden ( I think I have missed one in this hectic race through life.) Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    1. Good to see you Charles, thank you very much! 🙂 It’s amazing there’s any life left in the sea when you think of not only the waste dumped into it, but also the huge amount of fishing that goes on. I wonder what the sea would be like if hardly any fishing went on? Perhaps the fish would to some extent eat each other! 😉

      But at least they would be free to tidy the ocean up themselves. Humans must be like aliens to sea life. It would be like us having to tolerate beings from space with their ships to harvest humans. 😐

      Don’t worry about any missed issues of The Writing Garden Charles, they’re always available, to catch up on whenever you have the time. Thanks so much for the visit! 🙂

      1. Until quite recently, problems were caused by hotels being built to close to the sea, taking away habitat for turtles and other beach animals. Often the developers to save money used coral deposited as a building material, thereby destroying many reefs. Also many mangrove swamps were drained, taking away the seas hatcheries, which happened in the swamps. This also had one other detrimental effect, with the Tsunami that hit South East Asia, those areas which still had there mangrove swamp, suffered far less damage than those that did not have them. There are so many things, that we do to damage the ocean , I could go on and on. Best wishes and blessings, Charles. 🙂

  5. Thanks so much Ginger! I’m not sure about brave! I felt brave when I first posted my voice on SoundCloud…made me perspire with fright! 😀

    But the video is easier than you think. I used Windows Movie Maker to edit all the bits of film. You can download it here, it’s all free. For the voice over music I used Audacity, it works very similar to Movie Maker. If you get used to using one, the other seems easy to use. Again Audacity is free too. You can down load it from this page. When you’ve created your audio you can upload it to your video in Movie Maker to get the final touch in sound.

    If you do a search on You Tube you’ll find there are many tutorial videos showing how to use either one of those programmes. I find that a lot easier than reading through a lot of text instructions. I hope that helps? 🙂

    1. Thanks for the info Suzy, never heard of those before!! Still not sure I’d be much good at making videos, but I’ll download those programmes and give it a go. I might just squeeze one video! 😀

  6. Well done on the video and poem. I liked the girl swimming, too. I think you’re right that if we did find another planet, we would just steal its resources and dump our waste. Or move there and create problems just like we have here.

    1. Thank you Brenda, it was a real challenge, but very rewarding in the end! 🙂 It was finding the girl swimming that really made me think of doing the poem in that way. She’s so lovely! I could get lost in the films available on Shutterstock, if only I had the money to spend on more footage, I’d have so much fun with it! Still, there’s a lot of great creative commons film footage out there. But it’s lacking in film of people. That’s where Shutterstock is quite amazing.

      I think we would, humans are great garbage dumpers. We collect things we don’t need and then look for somewhere to dump it all – we should be banned from the planet!

      1. We should all recycle everything. If I could figure out how, I would create a business making things out of recycling materials. I’d love to learn to weld and then make sculpture out of discarded metal things.

  7. Indeed, explore the unknown in our own backyard first.. Makes sense to me.
    I have a strange feeling that if you read us some Lewis Carrol that it would sound amazing.. Just a thought.

    1. Yes, backyards are always larger than we think! 😉 Mm…interesting thought, thanks very much for that idea! I could even record myself pouring some tea!! 😀

      I have thought about reading some of his poetry before, but found a lot them amusing but not really my style in reading, I’m sure I’d get in a muddle with most of them! But now that you’ve mentioned his poetry, I went and had another look, and did find a poem I think I can do, in fact it’s an unusual one for him, a lot more melancholy and even mentions Alice. I have some ideas rolling! You might see it on here by July if all goes to plan. But perhaps melancholy was not quite what you had in mind? Do you prefer the funny ones? There was also one called ‘My Fairy’ which I thought very amusing. It seems he wrote that one when he was thirteen – one guess who the fairy was!! 😀

      I have a fairy by my side
      Which says I must not sleep,
      When once in pain I loudly cried
      It said “You must not weep”
      If, full of mirth, I smile and grin,
      It says “You must not laugh”
      When once I wished to drink some gin
      It said “You must not quaff”.

      When once a meal I wished to taste
      It said “You must not bite”
      When to the wars I went in haste
      It said “You must not fight”.

      “What may I do?” at length I cried,
      Tired of the painful task.
      The fairy quietly replied,
      And said “You must not ask”.

      Moral: “You mustn’t.”

      1. I like all things Alice 🙂 You could do very good justice to Jabberwocky in my opinion. But suitable music to accompany? Beyond me I am afraid 🙂 Perhaps best not to methinks 😀

        1. I wondered if that was what you had in mind! But the first stanza…oh…I’d go a bit ‘mimsy’ trying to get those words right! 😀

          ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
          Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
          All mimsy were the borogoves,
          And the mome raths outgrabe.

    1. Thank you very much Marcelo, that’s such a lovely thing to say! 🙂 Oh yes, there’s so much blue on our planet, why reach for the darkness when we can have blue!!

    1. Ah, you know about this too! It’s rare for me to do something like this, but it greatly appealed, I love anything sea related. Thanks so much for dropping by! 🙂

  8. This is very well done. It looks and sounds very professional.

    Outer space and Inner space. Yes, we take inner space (our oceans) for granted.

    1. Thank you! The short films help in getting it to look reasonably professional, and a good piece of music makes it all the better. It would be great to film the footage myself, but my underwater ability might let me down! 😀

      It is very much an ‘inner space’ the creatures that live in the sea…why would we need to search for alien life in the stars when we’ve got all of that mind blowing sea life to discover?!

  9. That is a very nice choice of video. It has both space and sea. Did you put the few pieces together too? It is well done and so matching with the writing.

    Often time we overlook things that are near but put a lot of efforts to seeking something better far away. There must be a balance somewhere that lets us get the benefits for paying attention to oceans and space exploration.

    That is funny that you say we may just need another planet for our dumping wastes there 🙂

    1. I’m very pleased you think so, thank you very much! 🙂 I had a rough idea of what I wanted to say, but mainly based the poem around the video clips. I did a search for ocean on Shutterstock and came across the beautiful sea girl. I thought she, and the clips were perfect.

      They were all separate clips, yes I had to sandwich it all together as one film with a layer of music and my voice in all the right places – was a little tricky getting the voice where I needed it on the soundtrack. Some of the clips are creative commons, the other five clips I bought. To be honest, although Shutterstock has a great selection of types of film, the quality I bought isn’t anywhere near as good quality as a lot of the creative commons clips. But if I wanted the HD it was £54 per clip and the 4k was £130. It can get quite pricey!

      It is true, we humans do have a terrible habit of wanting something ‘over there’ not ‘right here’. And we are the most untidy species on this planet. We’ve got to have a new place to dump stuff…crazy!!

      1. Thank you for the process of putting the video, music and your voice together. Well done. Oh, the prices for the clips too. That is pricey!

          1. Thank you for noticing…you don’t miss much! 😉 I’m sure I will put some up here sometime.

            I joined Flickr initially to find suitable cover pictures for my literary magazine. It’s been a fun journey, I’ve discovered some very talented people there, and they seem keen to be involved. So I thought I’d put some of my own up just so it didn’t look strange that I didn’t have any pictures…then got carried away!

            I’m just messing around with my phone at the moment, hoping to get a ‘Sony a6000’ soon, so that will fun to play with when I get it. I just hope it’s not too complicated to learn to use, I don’t like technical stuff on cameras, I like clicking the button and ending up with some interesting pictures. My phone is an absolute joy to use…idiot proof…and soooo lightweight!! 😀

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