The White Birch ~ The Weight Of Spring

I wore the dark
I watched the light undress the mark
The weight of spring
The darkness brings

I called for grace
In a lovers loss, in distant face
As years were spent
And hearts were bent
Hearts were bent

I close my eyes to the sound of spring
What is there to see
In the songs they bring?
Love will never change
The morning sun
Love will never change
The way the way the darkness runs

I felt the doubt
Of a better man who had fallen out
And spring was bold
As hearts turned cold
Hearts turned cold

I close my eyes to the sound of spring
What is there to see
But the songs they bring
Love will never change
The morning sun
Love will never change
The way the darkness runs

I so loved this album The Weight Of Spring and especially this track, I thought I’d create a relaxation video – so please enjoy!

I don’t believe the song is actually about spring, but has a much deeper meaning, a very personal one.  The whole album was dedicated to the mother of Ola Fløttum who passed away during the creation of this album.  I definitely feel a strong sense of that in the music and the lyrics.  But having said that, it’s one of those albums with songs the listener can form their own feeling on what they’re about. I relate to music like that a lot.

If you love the laid back sound to this track, you can listen to all the tracks from the  album in this You Tube playlist, and here are the lyrics.

Unfortunately The White Birch no longer exist as a band, but you can still buy their four inspiring albums from iTunes and Amazon.

If you’d like to read more about Ola Fløttum and the album The Weight Of Spring you may find this blog post of interest.

*(2017 update)

You can now view the official music video for the Weight Of Spring.



12 thoughts on “The White Birch ~ The Weight Of Spring

      1. My son had a tough day today, but we hung together as a family and made it through. I took my other two kids to see the new Jungle Book, and I thought they made good changes to the story.

        1. Ah yes, my brother (now in his 50’s) loves the idea of the new Jungle Book movie. He saw the original when he was very little and adored the story. But I’ve never liked it all, found it irritating, but maybe I’ll like the new version. I’m looking forward to Alice Through The Looking Glass – loved the previous Alice In Wonderland – can’t wait for the date!! 😀

          You sound a lot like my mum used to be with my brother and I. Your children are lucky they have such a lovely mum. Keep holding on Brenda!!

    1. It is a lovely song! And I’m so enjoying finding some great creative commons film footage. It’s amazing what you can do with those clips. I only wish I could take such good video of life as those are! I’ve included a link to lyrics now. It’s a concept album and quite deep, best saved for those times when you’re in the mood for some quiet reflection on life. 🙂

  1. Lovely video and the song! The video really gives a very joyful feeling of Spring. Every scene is so pleasing.. I can almost feel them. Beautiful!

    Indeed, the song is another story that it isn’t actually about Spring. Its slow music just goes so well with the video. That is so nice. I especially like the part that the woman started in the middle of the song and then the man and the woman voices together.

    You put the two together so well!

    1. Thank you so much, very glad to hear you related to this on more than one level. 🙂 I think it’s one of those songs you either feel deeply or it doesn’t reach you at all. There are some stunning creative commons video film footage out there, and a lot are nature based. It took me a while to get how to do certain things, but it’s been an enjoyable new project – I love making videos!

      That’s the bit of the song that first drew me in, where the woman’s voice comes in – interesting you were drawn to that too. I loved the song when I first heard it, but didn’t fully understand it until I typed the lyrics out. I listened to the whole album and read the lyrics from the writers/singers Facebook page (link now included in post) and found it was a concept album and very much about how he felt when his mother had died or was in the process of dying. I think his low quiet voice is meant to be his thoughts and the woman is meant to his mother, looking at things from a different perspective, then they join singing together.

      My mother died in spring, and I was born in spring, so I guess I have a lot spring connections in my life! I remember that feeling of almost not seeing how the weather had changed, that summer was on it’s way. But my mother and her suffering was all that mattered. I find this song very emotional to listen to, but not at all in a bad way – if that makes sense? Sometimes these emotional writings of others suffering and wonderful music can very cleansing for the soul.

      But even if others don’t see any of that, maybe they will relate to video and music in their own way – and that can’t be a bad thing. I hope someone enjoys it on You Tube! 🙂

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