Ricky & Doris: Friendship At It’s Best

I know some of you have already seen this, so please don’t feel obliged to make a second comment. Just thought I’d spread this charming story a little further! To view the videos please click the link for ‘view original’.




Ricky Syers and Doris Diether met in Washington Square Park where Ricky spends his days entertaining passing visitors with his marionettes.  Doris, fascinated by Ricky’s little string puppets, brought a couple of articles to show him she had written many years before when she was a columnist for a newspaper.  Ricky then created a marionette in the image of Doris especially for her, and a great friendship began.

This sums up the reality of friendship for me – two people, a generation apart, with not much in common other than a love for puppets, and yet they connected in the most charming way.  Doris says “If the person is interesting, that’s what I relate to.”

I’m very impressed by Ricky’s skill as a puppeteer, if I look at those little people long enough, I begin to see them as real.  If you take a look at…

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13 thoughts on “Ricky & Doris: Friendship At It’s Best

  1. I still watched them again. It was funny that Rick ask Doris to change her hair style to match the puppet. This time around, I picked up what Rick said, he was an artist who was trying to be other those other things. I like that.

    1. It’s one of those videos that draws me to watch again and again, I seem to find something new in it , something I didn’t see or hear the time before. Imagine explaining to a hairstylist you want curly hair to match your puppet…haha..weird request!!! 😀 Yes, I think it’s great that he recognised ‘who’ he was, and finally settled into himself. That’s what what we all need, so many people live their lives as something they are not, and that’s so sad.

    1. I think there are some amazing characters out there in the world. It always strikes me as strange when people complain about unreliable or boring friends, especially friends at work. I always think “You’ve met all the wrong ones – erase them and start again!” There’s got to be some good ones to find. Doris and Ricky are a perfect pair! 🙂

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