Summertime Madness


Summertime madness

still it lingers
lives in lines and cracks
a glistening pathway
indelible days
waking what lies in dust
how the light used to shine



I’ve been experimenting with micropoetry for a while now.  It’s turned out to be a real learning curve on how few words I can get away with and still manage to say what was intended.  Twitter posts have a limit of a 140 characters, it’s a great way to learn to write those neat little verses because you can’t add more words even if you want to.

There are some excellent writers of micropoetry on Twitter.  If you want to find a huge list of short poetry, just use the Twitter search and type #micropoetry, #haiku or #senryu and you will find an endless supply of miniature poems to entertain you.  You can find some examples of mine below, and also more included in this article.

My poem came about because of the summer sparkly gif.  Some images totally inspire my poetry mind, and this one did it for me!

So what inspires you to write?





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44 thoughts on “Summertime Madness

    1. You should have kept it a secret, I didn’t notice!! 😀 Don’t worry about it, I do that sometimes. I even missed replying to some of my comments on one of my posts before I took a spring break. I was obviously in a too big a hurry to leave! 😉

        1. I feel like that all the time…haha! 😀 Don’t know why I’m laughing really, it’s not a funny feeling. I think we all look very professional with our smart blogs, reality is, there can be a lot of things going on in the rest of our lives, blogging is not always easy. I often say, blogs should come with warnings “this is harder than it looks”.

    1. No I haven’t heard about that! I just Googled it and found some articles on it. Well, it was nice for Twitter to tell us – I never got any notification about that! It’s a bit like Facebook when they introduced the ability to use gifs – I read about it elsewhere. Mind you, I haven’t tried it yet – maybe it doesn’t work! Are you on Twitter? Thanks for letting me know, I’ll tweet it later! 🙂

  1. Beautiful, Suzy. The economy of words to express something is a gift. Watching the gif, it looks like the boy can run forever and summer is endless. A wonderful inspiration. But, then, I love all of your poems here.

    What inspires me to write? That depends on the day. 😉

    1. Aahh, thank you very much Judy! 🙂 It is well worth learning. It’s strange, how when you first start writing you think you’ll have nothing much to say, but it’s often the other way round, so much needs cutting back, and it ends up appearing to say more. It’s that ‘less is more’ thing which I really hate – but it’s so true!

      Haha.. I know what you mean, it depends for me too, and some days…I don’t do any writing at all!! 😀

  2. Beautiful! I love how these spring blossoms can look like ‘snow petals’. Gorgeous description. And we did have snow last spring, so I love this! Great job. I am sure this is not easy. I will have to try it now.

    1. Thank you so much Linda!! 🙂 Yes, I love blossoms falling too, especially the pink cherry blossom – beautiful time of year!! Sometimes it’s hard to get those poems right and other times they just sort of happen by themselves. The more you write the easier they become. So yes, definitely give it a try! 🙂

  3. Hi Suzy, great to be able to read your work again after moving and loosing my internet connection for all this time. I think writing short poems is an art of itself, and can take as long to create as longer poems, as every word counts, otherwise the world of the poem is out of balance, and it can become meaningless, or perhaps it is just that I am a miniaturist at heart. Now that I am back I will find your last magazine and read it all properly, am looking forward to that. it is wonderful that you are writing again, so lets have more summer madness. I often work from photos, art, films, plays and music, it is great fun. Best wishes and blessings, Charles. 🙂

    1. Hello Charles!! I didn’t notice you were off line, I’ve been taking a break myself. I do that twice a year, otherwise I never have time for other things. Just trying to get back into the swing of it all, it’s all a bit of mess at the moment, I’m behind with everything. I shall get round to your blog soon – getting there slowly! 🙂

      Short poem do take longer to create than they look, and yes, they can be a bit meaningless if you get them wrong or don’t give enough thought to it.

      I think a lot of writers get inspiration in art, photos and films. I’ve started doing visual prompts for The Writing Garden pages (on Tumblr, G+ and Twitter). I like unusual pictures so I thought it would give me another thing to post on those pages, good way to find more people to read the magazine. Next one won’t be published until September, so you’ve got quite a while to read – thanks for your support Charles! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! I agree! 🙂 That phrase has often annoyed me, but it so true, more words are not necessarily better. And it’s quite an art doing a serious edit on your already very short poetry! 🙂

  4. Wonderful post and poetry, Suzy! I’ve only written haiku and even then it’s been awhile. I was just thinking that I should try again. 🙂 Love the Summertime Madness and your photo! ♥

    1. Thank you very much Lauren! 🙂 I do love gifs with writing, it changes what has been written! 🙂 Definitely give the haiku a try again, and there is always senryu, which I feel is easier than haiku, just three unrhymed lines. And Christine was saying she does Elfje which starts with one word, graduates to four, then ends with one. I shall have to try an Elfje on Twitter. The name keeps making me smile though, sounds like Lord Of The Rings poetry!! 😀

  5. Good to see you back, Suzy. I hope you’re enjoying some good weather.

    Micropoetry must be a distinct challenge. Can it get any shorter than a haiku, though?

    1. Thank you so much, it’s good to be back, although it’s taking me a while to get into the swing of it all! Pretty good weather yes, nice balance of sunny and rainy days so far! 🙂

      Oh yes, it can get shorter than haiku – senryu, which is only three lines. I’m not always keen on haiku, they often sound a little flat and lifeless, but I like a lot more of the senryu. And then there’s the six word story, which isn’t technically poetry, but some of those on Twitter read as quite poetic. 🙂

    1. Oh yes, you should give Twitter a go. A long time ago I thought it looked the most boring of all the social media, but I just hadn’t found people tweeting the kind of things that interested me. I found some Tumblr bloggers who used Twitter in an unusual and entertaining way, it made me look at it with new eyes. It’s a great way to get more readers for your blog in a totally different way to WordPress. The only downside is the time it takes. All of these accounts need some kind of interacting with others for them to be effective, and each one takes a bit more of your time. Let me know if you ever do give it a try, I could help you out a little in getting known on there.

      Thanks so much for the compliment Brenda! 🙂

  6. First, I love this poem and the message about summer time. Made me smile and appreciate it more:)
    Second I love your insight on micropoetry and will definitely have to look into it more!
    Can’t wait to check out more of your writing! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂 You should give it a go if you haven’t before, it gets quite addictive writing those little poems. I often feel they are more effective than longer poetry in general. Thanks for finding me! 🙂

  7. I am glad to see you back!!! 🙂

    I like the micropoetry here. I think it is a good concept to constraint the number of words. Twitter is a good place for such.

    I do like your “Summertime madness …” above. It is so delightful.

    1. Thank you, it’s good to be back, but it’s taking me a while to get into the swing of things. I seem to be very behind with comments and answering all these lovely thoughtful comments. I’ll get back to normal soon I expect. Thank you very much, delightful is good news! And yes, it is a great place to learn how to use few words more effectively. But I wish Twitter would allow the tweeters a bit more word space by not including the tags in the written part of the tweet. Tags are in most cases separate, but not on Twitter. That annoys me – I shall have to tweet about it!! 😀

      1. I can understand how you can feel that way. I am just glad to see you are back. Oh, for the Twitter’s space limit it should be the past soon but that would mean it might not be a good place to do micropoetry 🙂

    1. Ah, another cherry blossom lover?!! 😉 It’s a popular subject, and I know I could write a lot of cherry blossom poems, and accompanied with an awesome gif – oooh exciting writing!! 😀 Yes the double meaning on spring was intended to play on the word. Spring seems to have that effect! Thank you so much for the compliment Yusra, and I do so enjoy your comments! And by the way, I love your new picture,nestled in that meadow of flowers – how lovely that is!!♥

  8. “indelible days” ~ I wish I’d written that. Great energy in this post, combining the poem with the GIF imagery. Something in that GIF speaks to a place in me. A memory. A future. I don’t know. ~ I could look at that for a long while.

    1. I like that ‘energy’ you mentioned, that’s what I feel about gifs when used with poetry or quotes, or any writing actually. I’m pretty certain using gifs is the future of a lot of images with writing online, so thanks for that feedback! There may be some who might find them distracting, but like you said it has energy – even if it is a bit of an illusion. It’s rare for me to like illusions, but that’s one I feel is quite beautiful – and so silent! 🙂 And thank you so much for the lovely compliment!

  9. A fabulous post Suzy! I try a few haiku and Elfje poems on my flower photograph blog. They are more difficult than you think at first. I have binned many attempts. I really love your blossom poem, it’s gorgeous. 😊 xx

    1. Thank you very much Christine! 🙂 I had to Google the Elfje poems. I didn’t think I’d ever heard of them before, but I have, it’s just the name I’ve not heard of. I’ve seen lots of poetry starting with one word increasing to four, then ending with one word again. Just never realised they had a name, thanks for that!!

      They do look easy, but I can imagine the reality is quite different. That’s what I like about micropoetry not having any strict rules, there’s more freedom in that for me. The only limitations are on Twitter because of the 140 character limit. It has been quite a challenge for someone like me who doesn’t normally enjoy that kind of fun! There’s a lot to be said for learning an ability to say something meaningful in just a few words. But I do wish Twitter would at least allow the tags you need to include to be separate to the 140 limit, that seems very mean to take even more words away from the essential writing.

      And thank you for the double compliment! After being caught in a breezy cherry blossom storm many years ago I fell in love with cherry trees, I’m sure I could write loads of cherry blossom related poetry. I’ve discovered it’s a very popular subject! That one was a small piece from a poem I wrote on my Tumblr blog last year. I really enjoy grabbing pieces of longer poems and turning them into mini moments!! 😀

      1. I still can’t make friends with Twitter! It feels alien to me somehow but I do try!

        I think practicing forms like hauku etc help me to learn the discipline of not using too many words in my poetry. But writing them and the Elfje form certainly isn’t a favourite; I struggle with them. And I often think my efforts are a bit lame. Every now and again I write one that pleases me but not often! However I atill try to keep posting them on my flower blog as a discipline really. 😊 xxx

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