Ideas Are Like Tall Trees




Ideas are like tall trees
they begin microscopic
small beams of humble enlightenment
until a mighty body emerges
and boughs like warrior arms reach
draping and lush
inviting suggestion

I am surrounded
by many eager minds
towering above
my own narrow imagination

Kings and Queens
of profound thought
how they stretch to find me
so my inner eyes
may witness restoration

Ideas are like tall trees
where even darkness
fails to demolish


Picture: McKellaSawyerArt 


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‘Ideas Are Like Tall Trees’ came about because of this image.   I’d saved it in a file for inspiration for my Tumblr poetry blogThe first thing that came to mind was how tall those trees were towering above the man, and for some reason that made me think of how ideas of the mind can seem so much taller than ourselves and the wonder of the possibilities of those thoughts ever becoming a reality.  And also how we are inspired by others, the living and deceased who allowed one small thought to grow and lead to astounding events or inventions.  Many of those ideas we use in our everyday lives and we give very little thought to a time before someone thought them up (electricity, clean fresh running water, and of course not forget – computers.)

It’s incredible how one tiny thought can grow into something huge and change our lives.  Just think about it – the creation of the internet was once a small seedling thought growing in the mind.  Wow – look at it now – it’s a vast forest that never stops growing!

And I’m sure some of you like me will remember that small thought you had about starting a blog one day.  The idea greatly appealed, but I felt it was too much to handle in many ways.  But that was so not true.  I learned how to do everything a bit at time, and what seemed impossible became possible because I continued to hold on to the thought.

Never let go of ideas, no matter how unlikely they seem.  You can put them on shelves for a while if you like, but make sure take them down every so often and give those seedlings a little water, they can turn into the most brilliant things! 😀



51AI5vJnDcLFinding A Balance
Poetry by Lauren Scott
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38 thoughts on “Ideas Are Like Tall Trees

  1. I like that – ‘philosophical journey’, that’s what I like to achieve if I can. I feel writing for me is not just about stating the obvious and sounding beautiful, but thinking on deeper subjects that may lead to others, rather than just a nice bit of poetry – although, there are times for that too. Thank you Lizzie! 🙂

      1. We do seem to see the tree in a lot of things in life, it crops up again and again. I’m sure there is an explanation for it, (not that we know it yet) but it certainly gets the mind wondering about such things. And thanks for the poetry link – I can see trees in the formation of the leaf too. It seems quite endless this tree forming – fascinating stuff! 🙂

  2. Beautiful poem and post, Suzy, and thanks so much for including my book. I truly appreciate it and wish you a wonderful, relaxing break! xxx

    1. Thank you Lauren! 🙂 You’re more than welcome for the promotion for the book – I hope it helps. I prefer to do things like that instead of blog awards – just a little more useful. I hope all your studies are going well, and you have a great summer ahead. I am looking forward to the break, need a little more time to think on a few things. It’s good for bloggers to take breaks! 🙂

    1. That’s very good Christine and thank you! 🙂 I’ve been enjoying it already to some extent, but need to just finish of a few WordPress bits and pieces, before I go sunning myself or something! Not that it’s that warm yet – I think I’m hoping there’ll be a burst of summer any day now! 😉

  3. what a lovely poem. And the picture is so perfect. Love that little man sitting there under that huge tree with those big thought bubbles in the stars above him! (Or at least that’s how i interpreted it). enjoy your break Suzy. Hope to see you posting soon.

    1. Thank you so much Linda! 🙂 Yes, I love that art! It’s one of those pieces that inspires me to get the brushes out and paint, and I do love painting trees for some strange reason. I’m sure he’s thinking up something awesome with those large moon like thought bubbles above him! 😉

  4. Great analogy, Suzi. It’s amazing how the simplest act or thought can lead to a chain of action and reaction. Look at where we are now in life, with technology and such. It’s very true.

    I enjoyed listening to this. Enjoy your break

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂 A lot has changed just in the last 20 years. I do think the invention of the digital camera was stunning, combined with computers and the web – photography will never be the same again. I wonder where it’s going next? 3D I would guess. I also love animated gifs, I know they’re made from a different kind of photography (film) but it would be great to see that develop too.

      Thank you – I certainly will! 🙂

    1. I’m not moving any faster than usual! 😀 Thank you Cynthia, I will enjoy that break and hopefully come back with some good material to post. 🙂

    1. Thank you Karen! 🙂 I’m sure I will have a good break. Although I will be around a bit on Twitter and Google+ (my two most favourite social media sites) so it won’t seem like I’m gone very much. And naughty me is still trying to get to write you that email – I’ll get there in the end!! 😀

    1. Thank you Chris! 🙂 We do often value the ideas of others over our own – strange that. Maybe in some ways it’s a good thing – we don’t get too big headed, but also a bad habit because a lot of those ideas may get lost over time and never see the light of day, all because we didn’t believe in them enough. That happens so much. That’s partly why I wrote this poem, I’m hoping it will remind me long term, not to let go of ideas. I have a few shelves of ideas! 😉

      1. It is a double-edged sword, Suzy, you are quite correct. I think a little bit of self-belief is important, as is the understanding that the only opinions (regarding your work) that matter belong to the ones that you love. Take care. Chris

  5. Reading this blog just reminds me of “The Imitation Game” movie recently. If the modern day computer to root to one, in my opinion (or the best of my knowledge) it should be the Turing’s machine that Mr. Alan Turing built to crack the encrypted messages during the world war II. His idea was “out of the box” – brilliant.

    Have good spring break!

    1. Yes, the Turing Machine – I don’t know how anyone invents such things. They’re on a totally different wave length to me – that I know for sure. But thank goodness we don’t all think alike, because we need genius minds to dream up such things!

      Thank you, I will certainly try to enjoy that break! 😀

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