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I’ve had this video listed in my bookmarks for ages, I thought it was about time I posted it!  I’ve never met anyone so full of happiness like Johnny Barnes or have ever experienced that kind of happiness, but I absolutely admire the guy for being true to himself, and living out whatever comes naturally to him.  He’s clearly an inspiration and has a heart-warming effect on his neighbourhood… what a lovely sweet man… what dedication! ♥


What Happiness Is To Me

Happiness_by_CogitusI completely agree with John Lennon’s statement about happiness, I felt like that too. 

I wouldn’t call myself a happy smiley person, those big smiles I used to give for family photos in childhood were just because I was a good smiler!

I’m convinced the interpretation of happiness is very much down to each individual person as to what it means to them, no-one should fall into the trap of comparing themselves with others on levels of happiness.  There are no rules or measurements in this life on how we should feel.

For me it’s not about having a smile on my face all the time or laughing a lot, but has more to do with eliminating negative thoughts that create clutter, and knowing that my mind is quiet and settled.  I remember all too well as a teenager what it was like to have a turbulent mind, to be up high one day and down low the next.

I consider myself lucky I found determination to deal with unstable thinking at a young age.  I dread to imagine what kind of person I would be now, if I hadn’t been able to analyse my thought patterns and turned my thinking in the right direction.


Share How You Feel

One thing that came across loud and clear to me in this film about Johnny Barnes was how important it is to be able to give something of ourselves to others.  For Johnny it’s spreading his happy feeling because that’s what he’s full of.  I wonder if he wasn’t able to be free to share his inner feelings if that would make him feel unhappy?  But, maybe nothing can make that beaming man unhappy!

I’m sure keeping things we could share with others enclosed within ourselves is responsible for a lot of unhappiness in the world.  We all need freedom to be who we are.  If the only thing someone can do at this moment is share how miserable they feel, then perhaps they should do that.  Making an effort to connect with others who are in the same place, has got to be better than not telling anyone at all.  At least it’s being real.  I honestly believe being real is essential to human sanity and discovering a reasonable level of happiness.  Maybe through that sharing, a better state of mind may eventually occur.

But if you are one of those naturally happy people, don’t forget to spread it far and wide like dear Johnny Barnes, it makes the world a whole lot more smiley!

Hoping you all have a happy Easter holiday! 🐰🐣


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  1. I’m so energized that I feel like going out and taking on the world like Pinky & the Brain!

  2. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    Sometimes the words and questions of children are the most profound. One of the memories I have was asking my mom if God would prevent good people who were not Catholic from getting into Heaven and not-so-good people who were Catholic a way to get to Heaven. She said she was pretty sure that God had a way to reward all good people and get them to Heaven. When I told my mom about that about 10 years ago, she remembered it as well and was surprised I remembered as I was a pre-schooler.

    1. Thank you for the reblog Ivon! I agree, the words from children can indeed be profound. Children are far less complicated, they often see the obvious and question far more than most adults do. We should never stop questioning. 🙂

  3. I’ve had a smile on my face for the last 10 minutes, although the last 2 minutes of that video made me wonder if he had passed on, but I think not. Thank you for this.

    And I’m glad you were able to set your mind in the right direction as a youth. Many people don’t.

    1. That man has an ability to pass it through the screen I’m sure!! 😀 I certainly can’t fail to watch him talk and wave and be joyful without smiling too. Smiling is a lot like a yawn – it’s delightfully contagious! 😉

      No, I agree, many people never find a better state of mind. I often think about writing about the process of how I got there and posting it somewhere for free so people who need it can read it. But you can only explain how and not impart the ability – I’m sure many would struggle to do the same. If only I could give out the magic ingredient, I would.

  4. Wonderful post Suzy, sorry Im late in commenting.

    I rather like the word ‘content’ rather than ‘happy’. To me the word ‘happy’ seems to represent something transient whereas contentment feels more steady. But that’s just me.

    Sharing how we feel is definitely beneficial for the giver and receiver whether we are content or otherwise I think. But it’s always good to spread happiness or contentedness whenever we can! 😄 xx

    1. Oh, no problem at all Christine – take as long as you need, at least I don’t do daily posts! I’m having real trouble keeping up with those who post daily now. And I’m very behind myself at the moment, got to get over to yours today. Something about that Easter weekend lulled me into a holiday mode and now I’m trying to catch up – I’ll get there in the end!! 😀

      Content is the ‘word’ – yes!!! 🙂 I should have mentioned that myself. It was a word my mother used to say she was, I don’t think she related to happy very much either. But content is what she preferred to be – in any circumstance, and she really was. And it’s a stable state of mind to be in – one I’d like to remain in for a very long time. When you’re depressed the word content is rather despised – at least that was how I felt when I was younger and not content with anything at all.

      I read many years ago an explanation of the word happy. People used to refer to the word ‘hap’ meaning (things were happening) it actually meant luck/chance/occurrence. So if the ‘haps’ were with you, it meant you had a lot of luck coming your way. The word eventually evolved into happy and happiness – referring to the joy caused by that luck. So yes, happy is what we use to describe joy and contentment these days, but it’s origin is more to do with events occurring around us, and not a state of mind. Kind of interesting that many people struggle with being happy – so maybe they shouldn’t – it’s the wrong word to focus on.

      I certainly don’t mind bloggers sharing their down times as well as their joyful ones. Life is full of both for most of us, and being real for me is essential for staying sane.

      I hope you remain in contentment for as long as possible Christine, and I’m sure that transfers to your readers too, I know it does to me when I read what you have to say. You are a very good sharer of the reality life. 🙂

      1. I know exactly what you mean about the word content being despised; I suffered a few bouts of extreme depression involving lengthy hospital stays and I never thought I would ever come through and feel the precious state of contentment again. But here we both are, and I thank you for being such a wonderfully supportive blogging friend. 😊 ️xx

  5. We all could use a Johnny Barnes in our lives. He made me happy just watching him and it’s wonderful that they built a statue of him. Now, I feel guilty for sitting around in front of my computer for hours on end when I could be out there bring a smile to someone’s face. 😉

    1. We could, yes, I’d love to have a Johnny Barnes on my street! He does have that kind of effect on you. You see him spreading all that joy, and wonder what you’ve been doing all your life! 😀

  6. What a happy man! It’s amazing how sincere he sounded, saying such a simple but deep thing. And to do that with his days, instead of watching TV or sitting around with friends talking about how rotten the world is. What an inspiration.

    1. The happiest I’ve ever seen. If anyone was happier with happiness than Johnny Barnes I think they’d burst! 😀

      Yes, it is funny how one person can say ‘I love you’ and it comes across completely sincere and on a different level to everyone else around them. It’s just the spirit in him, and he’s almost made a career out of it. How lovely to be famous for loving the people in your neighbourhood, and being remembered for it too! It just goes to show what we effect we can have on others if we go out of our way to create it.

      I hope we have that effect with our blogs, because we are in a sense reaching out to others – instead of watching TV. 😉 The sad thing is, we never get to know generally, because not many readers say other than our lovely blog friends. I wonder about those random Google searches that find our blogs, if some where touched by what they read. I like to think they might. 🙂

      1. I hope nonbloggers read us sometimes, too. I know some of my family read my posts but rarely comment. I hope I provide some cheer and beauty. And I love the interactions from other bloggers, so I’m grateful for how easy that is with WP. I find trying to comment in other blogging communities much more difficult. I’m grateful for you, Suzy. I’m always happy to see you’ve been by for a visit. Take care of yourself, and I hope your bath is finished soon.

        1. Bathroom was completed a while ago – it is lovely! It’s the roof I’m waiting to be finished now, they’ve taken a long time to do it all, lots of scaffolding on the building – I feel like I’m in a prison with bars all around me! 😀 Hopefully finished soon. Always love to visit your blog Brenda, you are such a positive spark of light!!

  7. This post is definitely made my day, filled with positive vibes. May we all be able to connect and share the parts of us that truly make us happy. I love that quote as well will have to remember

    1. I’m very glad to hear that, we need positive vibes to keep us going. Thank you for letting me know! The quote is one I see a lot, one of his more famous ones, and it is worth remembering – those that don’t understand happiness don’t understand life. We all need a good measure of it! 🙂

  8. It was amazing that John understood about life at the age of 5. His answer was profound. Giving happiness is the kind of gift that automatically gives the giver the true happiness. The gives that does not want anything in return but you could not help getting the gift (and even more) in return.

    I really like your way of “happiness” that is about eliminating negative thoughts that create clutter, and knowing that my mind is quiet and settled. You are very good to be able to find it from the young age. I am sure that most do not even know it exists. It is a refine form of happiness. I would love to be able to tame my mind to do so..

    This a very nice post… Have a Happy Easter Holiday too.

    1. Yes, John Lennon must have been quite a deep thinker even at five years old! I can imagine his school days must have been pretty harsh especially growing up in Liverpool – tough city. Obviously he liked to stand out in his thinking, but I’m sure his teachers wouldn’t have agreed with the happiness thing – nobody had a right to be happy in those days!!

      I’m not sure how I did manage to find that peace in the sense of determination. I was very good at giving up on things in my teen years, but that negativity had become such a bad habit and was becoming part of my personality. I wasn’t like that as a younger child, so I wanted my old self back, and I was very determined I was going to get it – it took me years to get where I wanted. One very old little book that helped me when I was about 20 was called Thoughts Are Things by Prentice Mulford. I might have mentioned it before, I’ve mentioned it to lots of blog friends. You can find it online for free if you Google it. Just something about the way he explains a mindset we can get into – I recognised myself, and that was my final breakthrough. Maybe give his book a read? I hope you do find it in the end.

      Thank you, and I hope you had a good Easter break too! 🙂

      1. I think you are right that John’s school days might be hard with the thinking likes that. Thank you for pointing to the book! I read up a bit from people’s reviewing at Amazon. It is interesting book. That was a great breakthrough you had 🙂 I always like to understand how our minds work. Like you had, the more we recognize the nature of it the better we can deal with it. Thank you, Suzy!

  9. I totally agree, Suzy, there’s enough misery in the world without adding to it – if you can’t say something nice…
    I have two faces (clearly something to do with being a Gemini), but I always try to keep the ‘miserable git’ one turned inwards (unless I’m alone), and show the rest of the world a happier, less serious one. Or at least I try!
    Stay happy!

    1. I think most of us have two faces, so you’re quite normal Chris! 😀 Johnny Barnes has an unusual character. I do tend to keep the miserable side of me under wraps too. I suppose it’s got to come out sometimes, but yes, it doesn’t do much good to share that around. Unless of course, you’re in a room full of miserables, in which case perhaps it could be let loose for a while?! 😉 But most of the time I manage stay quite stable. 🙂

    1. Wow, that’s good to hear he had such an effect on you Yusra! It seems Johnny Barnes can reach out, love the world and spread his feelings far and wide right from the spot where he’s standing. A combination of determination and technology – what power that is!! 😀

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