Does Anyone Think for Themselves Anymore?

This is so good Joe, if only more thought like you did, this world would be a much better place!

Stepping Out with an Agoraphobic

Think for yourself

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It is me?  You decide.

I recently heard someone say that “Orange is the new black.” I was taken aback because I had no idea what that meant, except that my box of crayons was now all wrong.

Upon further examination of my life, I realized the chaos that the statement had now created for me. In the morning, I would have to drink black juice to get my vitamin C. The local college sports teams would have to be called the Syracuse Blackmen and Blackwomen. And what in the world would happen to Halloween? It was almost too much to handle.

And then it dawned on me that this person was probably just speaking about fashion, which made it a little better – but not much.  I am not a big fan of the fashion industry: the people who tell us to wear meat and tin…

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12 thoughts on “Does Anyone Think for Themselves Anymore?

  1. That’s an interesting observation.

    What is it really that makes you believe that people are no longer able or willing to think for themselves? Is it the veritable deluge of information, opinions and promotions that seem to engulf us always? Is it because of our inability to avoid or evade the plethora of source options ranging from the TV channels, the internet to the mobile Apps which tag along with us 24 X 7? Or is it really our willingness to be drowned by information always as we remain apprehensive of thinking on our own?


    1. If you’re asking me about the post, it’s not mine, it’s a reblog, best ask the author. But if you’re asking me why I agree with it, I would say it’s because for as many people who do naturally think for themselves, there are possibly twice as many or more who believe they do, but actually don’t, they rely on everything they read or hear, no matter who it comes from or the reason why it was said. I’m always hearing people tell me things they believe something to be true, when in actual fact it can be something that many now know never was true, but some will still hold on to what they originally heard or read, because they haven’t bothered to do any research to find if that ‘so called’ fact is true. And I get the feeling some people really don’t care what they believe, because they don’t care much about anything – maybe even themselves.

      Information in newspapers, books, websites or TV isn’t always correct, and never has been. For example in the 1930’s, adverts for cigarettes were suggesting smoking was healthy. I remember my Dad telling me about that, how some people totally believed that, and others were referring to cigarettes as ‘coffin nails’ – not all were willing to believe that information was true. They observed friends and family getting sick, and chose to believe the evidence around them, not in the lies. That seems laughable now, but only because we know they are harmful. It’s not difficult to do research on anything today, and it’s lazy thinking to always believe the first thing read or heard.

      What Joe was talking about in his post is slightly different. It maybe fun on the surface to twist the meanings of things or phrases, but that kind of light hearted talk gets people used to altering everything until nothing has any real meaning any more, it doesn’t encourage us to think for ourselves. Maybe it will never get that bad – who knows – time will tell!

  2. No! No thinking for yourself. Bad, bad, bad! Who will the extraordinarily rich, the politicians, and the religious fundamentalists control if you think for yourself?……….LOL

    1. Haha, pretty much nobody I suspect – if that were possible! 😀 But they haven’t got any worries there, there’s always plenty of people who never think much for themselves, and probably always will be. Not thinking for ourselves it’s a bit like a contagious disease, it goes on, and spreads far and wide! 😉

    1. I thought this was such a good article Judy, I love anything that encourages us to think for ourselves and not absorb like a sponge everything we read or hear, because there really is so much rubbish talked in the media sometimes. I’d like to read more of the worthy articles in newspapers and magazines, but I can’t be bothered to sift through all the trash. It makes me feel like the whole world is going crazy and trivial minded, so I avoid reading them most of the time.

      Oh yes, there’s always been the con men – the snake oil salesman in one form or another is well and truly still selling his wares! 😉

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