Blown Minded – Young Galaxy


I instantly loved this song by Young Galaxy.  Refreshingly different, and the art in the video makes it even more intriguing!  The song has an element of 80’s electro pop which is probably also why it appeals to me, awakening my teenage 80’s music memories!  Talking of 80’s music memories – using art in a video reminds me a little of A-ha’s Take On MeI originally found this video featured on a website called Collossal, a very interesting and inspiring website to find music and art.


9 thoughts on “Blown Minded – Young Galaxy

    1. I didn’t realise until recently how well known that A-ha song was elsewhere in the world, I thought it was one of those British hits! I don’t think the art in this one is as attractive as the Take On Me video, but it’s interesting to see that come around again in a different way to the 80’s. 🙂

  1. This is great, a fantastic track from a band I had not previously heard of – I’ll check out more of their material. I agree with you about the video – sort of ‘Take On Me’ meets Edvard Munch!
    If you like 80’s influenced music, I would suggest listening to Future Islands or Wild Nothing.
    Thanks for tis post. Take care, Chris.

    1. Yes, that’s a perfect description! 🙂 It reminded me of Edward Munch too (The Scream) I’m sure that was the intention of the artist going by the lyrics of the song! Oh, they sound interesting, I just looked them both up on Grooveshark and there’s whole load of their tracks on there, thank you very much for that, I’m always looking for new music! If you want to find more of Young Galaxy you can find a lot of their tracks also on Grooveshark!/younggalaxy It’s a great place to find music, and I find it easier to use than SoundCloud. If I could share the player to the blog here I’d upload my readings, as I’m not happy with the way SoundCloud have set the way their player displays – it’s loo large, a bit overwhelming on the post! Maybe one day WordPress and Grooveshark will get their act together! 🙂

    1. It is cool, makes it different from the usual pop video! I found it quite mesmerizing the first time I watched it, has a dreamlike quality. Watching it in full screen mode, I really got a feeling of moving down that road when it begun! 🙂

  2. How funny. I was thinking of Edward Munch’s “The Scream” and then I saw someone left a comment on it. Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” also popped into mind. I agree on the 80s electro pop vibe (I’ve always referred to it as techno pop, but I don’t know if that’s right). It seems the video was channeling one of my favorite groups, The Pet Shop Boys.

    Enjoyed the music and the video. Definitely much more compelling in full screen mode. Thanks, Suzy. 😉

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Judy! Haha – yes, it made me think of his painting ‘The Scream’ the art has definitely got that look to it! And yes a bit like the ‘Starry Night’ – an animated version!! 😀 There are so many styles of music now, it’s hard to keep up with all the appropriate descriptions, but Techno Pop sounds right to me. I love the Pet Shop Boys too – it’s odd that I only liked a few of their songs during the 80’s, I wasn’t that much into them, but I really appreciate their music a lot more now. I obviously needed to mature a little to hear it properly! 😉

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