The Brink Of A New Discovery


.“What shall I do today?”  She thought as she brushed her hair a thousand times.
“I will put on the pink dress with the tiny white dots. I will dust the furniture and teach the cat to fetch…”
And just then, a strange wind pried open her bedroom window and she suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to spin and howl, to jump on her freshly made bed with her eyes shut tight.
In other words, she was on the brink of a new discovery…

Extract from: The Persistence Of Yellow by Monique Duval


There’s something about Monique Duval and her little thoughtful writings in her book ‘The Persistence of Yellow’ that just makes me laugh out loud, and very much appeals to my inner child.  I hope her words today make you laugh a little too! 😀


Picture ➡ Love In The Air by happydoodle – Deviantart



For all those who live alone at the moment.  Being alone doesn’t have to feel lonely.  Learn to love yourself and be the best company you will ever have! 😀



27 thoughts on “The Brink Of A New Discovery

  1. This totally makes me smile and laugh! I battle depression so even when not physically alone, I most times “feel” alone. The mind I tell ya. I called my local library and they have this book and they are holding it for me, I’m going to pick it up today!! Thank you for ALWAYS lifting my spirits!!!

    1. I know exactly what you mean, I used to have depression as a teenager and a couple of other times in my life, and I remember that feeling of being alone, even when I was still at home with my family, a houseful of people, and I felt alone. I’ve lived alone for a few years now, and I don’t mind it at all, I never feel truly lonely. It seems the mind is such a box of tricks, and I find those tricks never seem to end. Just when you’ve overcome – figured out one – another tries to take it’s place! My sympathy is certainly with you in your struggle! And I’m very glad this brightened your day, made you smile! It’s a very good feeling to pass on a laugh! 😀

    1. Wow – you’re a fast mover girl!!! 😀 It’s amazing how quick information travels in this net world – so amazing, from my living room to yours in a few minutes, and you get to enjoy the book in the same day! That’s almost as clever as time travel!! 🙂

    1. Have you shared this one? Did I miss it or just forget I’d seen it!? 🙂 I stumbled across this on a long You Tube search for poetry some time ago – I nearly forgot I’d bookmarked it! But I’m glad you enjoyed it second time around! 🙂

    1. Well, I’m pleased to hear that Elina, that inner child needs a little story to entertain it sometimes! 😉 And yes, the video is so sweet, such a simple message, but very soothingly told! 🙂

    1. I think it is a bit of a girlie post this one, (especially with so many pink hearts!) but I like reading to that inner child some days! 🙂 The video is very soothing, but then, both you and I are OK with living alone, but I wonder what effect it may have on someone who’s not so comfortable with being alone – hopefully it may plant some thoughts that might grow into beautiful things! 😀

      Has it really been two years for you!? Time goes so quickly, and I’m so glad you love it, it’s the best way to be! But don’t love it too much, because when your Mr Perfect comes along, he might have trouble tearing you away from your little happy home!! 😀

      Did you notice the pink hearts in the video graphics matched the pink hearts in the picture♥♥♥? That was pure coincidence, I was going to post another video on here, but changed my mind a few days ago when I suddenly realised that this might go so well with those words. That picture and the video must have been made for each other!! 😉

      1. It is girlie, but that’s not a bad thing. ^_^ I was scared at first, but there is a freedom that comes from it. And I’m sure many people out there are not as comfortable as we are with it, and I hope this post encourages them that it is a good thing to experience. 😉

        Yes!! The time sure does fly. I think I’m already having issues with it. The reason I don’t fully attempt at opening up and finding a mate may partially stem from fear that I’ll lose my current schedule and freedom. Does that sound silly Suzy? So I have been avoiding letting anyone in because I know it will change things around here. Two years of being on my own, that I’m used to being alone.

        I think so too. Even if it was a coincidence, it ties in quite nicely. ♥

        1. No, it doesn’t sound silly at all! That’s a very common side effect from learning to accept being on your own, if you get quite comfortable with it (which is good) having to change back to being a couple again is a huge adjustment, and you would be strange if you didn’t find it difficult! Our brains like familiarity and patterns, so anything that comes along and threatens to change that, causes a lot of alarm bells and the checking of past experience before allowing our emotions to take over and possibly ruin our nice comfortable – safe – secure pattern, the one that’s working quite nicely thank you!! 😀 I have this too Britt, so I think you’re quite normal! And it’s good to be a little cautious, no-one willingly wants to invite hell into their life – especially if they have been there before.

          But, I wouldn’t let it worry you, because it’s probably an obvious sign you just haven’t met the right man yet. When (Mr Perfectly Formed Just For Britt) comes along, I bet all those anxieties will just disappear, and you’ll soon be happy to share your space and your time with him. Our brains are weird – well mine is anyway, emotions and desires can change like the weather, we just have to learn how to manage it all, and that takes time. In the meantime, just enjoy being you – which I can see you are, you’ve come along way from when I first arrived on your blog, and that’s really nice to see that, even if it is just through pictures and words and poetry – its great!! 😀

  2. A lovely post for me to return to Suzy after my trip to Ireland! Thank you for sharing this exceept.

    Sometimes we can be more lonely in a crowded room than when by ourselves. Not always but it can be so as I have felt it. 🙂


    1. Yes, I have felt that kind of loneliness, more when I was younger. I was never really sure what caused it, most of it stopped by the time I was 21, when I left home and eventually had some experience of actually being alone, somehow it just never came back again. So for me, having various times of living alone seemed to be the cure – strange that, I’m sure for some it really wouldn’t be. Our minds all work so different!

      So how was Ireland? Sunny or it’s usual damp self!? Last time I went, many years ago, it was very damp. My Dad (an Irish man) said “That’s normal, this is Ireland!” Grumpy teenager that I was, I was not impressed! A few years later though, my Dad went with my brother and they came back with some serious sun burn, so not always damp!! 😀

      1. Yes my loneliness was when I was in my teens too! Once I began working and exploring the world a little it went as yours did. And now being alone for me is precious time as well as the time with others is precious too! Wait a minute! Does that mean Ive attained some balance??!! Wow! 🙂

        You made me laugh about Irish weather! Strangely the first day there was glorious whereas it poured down in England! But it soon reverted to its nature of damp. I think they call it “soft”rain over there, that kind that is almost mist but obviously rain! 🙂

        We had a lovely time and I was pleased to be there to celebrate our granddaughter”s first birthday 🙂


    1. Yes, I agree – life is as it is, and if it means living on our own for some time, then it’s largely adjusting our thinking to that way of life. Strange, but for as many who wish they weren’t alone there are probably just as many who wish they were! The tendency to want what we don’t have I think is probably for most people what it’s really about, mind adjustment can solve a lot in our lives! And the video is great, such a good poem! I put this up on my Tumblr blog too, video’s are not that popular on there, but this one was really loved – and by all age groups too, which is very interesting. I love poetry and writing that can appeal to all ages! 🙂

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