Love Is Blind

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17 thoughts on “Love Is Blind

  1. I might be off base here, but Beth Hart’s singing reminds me of Patricia Kaas, a French singer. Wonderful.

    On “Love is Blind” … that’s fine. But keep at least one eye open to make sure you’re not stepping on a landmine or s/he vanishes in the haze. 🙂

    1. Oh – well I’ve never heard of Patricia Kaas, but I’ve just watched a few of hers on You Tube, and the one called Kabaret certainly does sound very like Beth Hart, same kind of tempo to that song! Thank you for mentioning her, she looks very interesting, I’ll have to look some more of hers up!

      I agree, and I always do! 😉 Yes, I wasn’t suggesting it was a good way to love – total opposite! 😀

    1. Yes it was – no shooting involved, just a little exchange of money for a very crucial photo! 😉

      Real love isn’t blind no, but I feel people love in many ways, and not good ways, but perhaps the only one they know how to, and it often overlooks fatal flaws or refuses to acknowledge something wrong. Or maybe that’s just my experience and many I’ve known to fall for the wrong kind of love. 😦

  2. Love surely is blind, and so are any emotions that may come before it. I finally opened myself up to someone last week. As hesitant as I was, he was super affectionate and asked me to be his via poetry. We saw each other almost every day and then 5 days later after he asked me to be his girlfriend, he said that he wasn’t ready for a relationship. I’m at a loss. I haven’t been in a relationship for a very long time, and when I thought I found someone worthy, he ended up not being who I thought he was. I’ve never had such a short relationship before, and it sucks that I put my walls down to let him in.

    1. Oh – what a horrible disappointment for you Britt!!! It takes a lot to open up to someone sometimes, and to find they might be pretending and are not on your wave length in terms of feelings – very miserable!! *big hugs*

      That is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about here, the way emotions can be all on one minute and switched off the next! It brings me back to that question again of what is real – it seems whatever we believe it is! Being human is so complicated with feelings and words, and sometimes I think life would be so much easier just to be a rabbit or some sweet little animal – have lots of babies, bounce around having fun, never giving a thought to feelings – what feelings!!? 😉

      Slightly weird thought maybe – but you already know I have lots of those!!! 😆

  3. You’ve captured an essence of love so perfectly. I like your choice of black and white text to reflect ‘blindness’ and ‘black and white’ decisions 😀

    1. Thank you Liana! 🙂 I used this picture because it was actually the inspiration for it all – and also some life experience! I was thinking that although real honest love should be perfect and unmoving, it’s not what most people experience. The one that turns on and off, sways from left to right, and perhaps was never love at all, unfortunately is the one most of know about. 😦

      I like doing poetry on pictures because it helps me keep them short. I have a natural tendency to write several verses – or many! Sometimes short ones can be very powerful, so I find this a useful tool. Also handy to put on a Tumblr blog to help spread the news about this one! Although it might take a few hundred years, as not that many people seem to be interested in poetry on Tumblr. But they like the other things I share on there, especially animated gifs and music. Tumblr is a very young world, but I’m finding it good to renew my long lost teenage mind!!! 😀

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