Man Of A Thousand Faces Regina Spektor



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    1. She is a bit mystic – mysterious – fascinating, she reminds me a little of Kate Bush and Tori Amos. They’re all good for deep thought moments! 😀

      1. Have you ever thought who is that “man with a thousand faces”?

        “The man of a thousand faces
        Sits down at the table
        Eats a small lump of sugar
        And smiles at the moon like he knows her…

        He used to go to his favorite bookstores
        And rip out his favorite pages
        And stuff ’em into his breast pockets
        The moon, to him, was a stranger.” (???)

        1. I’m not completely sure what the song is about, thought it fitted well Charles Bukowski and his sad childhood. But there is a film called The Man With A Thousand Faces, but probably not about that either! 🙂

          1. I thought of asking you what was you motivated by when choosing this video. But I don’t think Bukowski is the man : ) How many men do you know who love sweets, smile at the moon which is strange and are fond of literature to demonstrate favourite pages? Probably you’re speaking to one now. : ) I wonder whether this choice of yours was accidental but I’m sure even you don’t know and even Regina didn’t. : ) That’s why I refer it more to mystic and enigmatic matters.

            1. It was Charles Bukowski’s poem that made me think of this one, but I’m very sure it wasn’t about him, and even more sure it speaks of a lot of people. It’s good that you can relate to it. I don’t think anything is accidental in this life! I think also maybe we pick up an essence of other bloggers characters in what they write, I’ve seen similar things said on other blogs, and have read poems that I can relate to my life on another blog. I think there is a tendency to want to believe we are all separate in this world – but we really are not!

  1. There are times when Regina Spektor is the only thing that will do, I sing loudly – and poorly – until everything else melts away. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Haha! 😆 That sounds like a good idea, I’ll have to try that! She’s a deep thinker and writer/singer, and that’s good for moments when you need something along those lines!
      Suzy 😀

    1. Yes I have, it is a good one! 🙂 I’ve only recently got into her wonderful songs. I knew about her a while back, but didn’t realise just how good she is! I disappeared into You Tube for over an hour one night, just had to see everything there was of her in there – I love her lyrics! 😀

        1. They look like a fun bunch! 🙂 Where do they get these ideas for the videos!!? Considering they were squeezed into a corner of somewhere, I hope that video didn’t have too high a budget! Interesting lyrics though (yes – I look them up as well!) 😀

          Thank you for that, I’ll have to look for some more of their videos on the Tube! 😀

          1. i love the guitarist and his craziness. yeah it’s definitely not high budget and that’s another reason why i dug it. and i love how the song builds. plus there’s a kid dancing too! 🙂 yup i look up lyrics too! you be welcome. 😉

  2. Great song! I really like Regina Spektor, my favourite song is “How” at the moment, need to listen to it every day 🙂

    1. I’m so sorry Elina, I forgot to reply to you on this comment!!! 😯 I hate it when I find a comment I’ve forgotten all about – so embarrassing! 😳

      Oh yes, her song ‘How’ I really like that one too – that’s a lovely one! She’s so talented, and I can get very addicted to her songs at times. She seems to have that effect on most people!! 😀

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