The Scent Of Fresh Cut Grass

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The scent of fresh cut grass



The sun – the sky
The rolling sea
All conspire
To comfort me







44 thoughts on “The Scent Of Fresh Cut Grass

    1. Ah yes, my brother has that problem too – nasty! 😦 He cut out nearly all dairy products in his diet in the end – extreme measures, but it worked. Not too good if you happen to love cheese! At least he doesn’t have to take antihistamine drugs now. 🙂

      The smell of fresh cut grass also reminds me of school, we had a lot of it in my primary school, the lawn mowers seem to be forever cutting it! 🙂

      1. Yes I’ve changed again! 🙂 I felt in need of a makeover, she was very lovely that long haired lady, and I do have long hair myself, but she was a bit too sexy in her nightdress, not really the perfect image for me. Although I might return to her occasionally – just to confuse everyone!! 😆

        Glad you like the song – hope it wasn’t too sad – was meant to be reflective of someone good in your life who’s no longer there, for any reason. Thought the summer butterfly one would lighten the mood a bit! 🙂

  1. Lovely! You new avatar reminds me of Snow White. I miss the scent of fresh mown grass and the sound of a lawn being gently mown. Here in Portugal it is strimmed within an inch of its life at the end of spring and then sprayed with herbicide! 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yes! She does look a bit like Disney’s Snow White! I thought I needed a makeover from the slightly sexy lady – I think this one looks more like a author! 😉 If you want to take a sneak at the real me I’ve got one on my about page now. I’ve come out looking 10 years younger for some unknown reason – don’t believe it – but it is me, taken a few weeks ago! I think I look a little shy on there – don’t believe that either! I’m working on an improvement! 😀

      Do they hate grass in Portugal? Sounds very extreme!! 🙂

  2. Yes, the words look really nice on the picture.
    Somehow I am not getting you in my Reader………neither of my ME’s is getting you. I’m glad you told about you grass post. 🙂

    1. I get that all the time with certain blogs, and others have mentioned it too. I even saw someone saying that their email wasn’t receiving new post info. Probably to do with servers failing to connect I expect. I don’t use the reader post info now, I use my list of blogs I follow, that’s very accurate. 🙂

      1. Yes, I should follow my list. Although a lot I follow don’t post often. I would be clicking on empty posts. lol
        Actually I should unfollow a few. OH don’t worry it won’t be you.

  3. i be loving me some summer too :). suzy, I just switched to a self-hosted domain, so if you want my blog to still show up in your reader through you need to go to your reader and click Edit List next to Blogs I Follow, and add thank you. i don’t want to lose you as a reader or a follower 🙂

    1. Thank you Susan!! 🙂 Oh yes, she’s another 1950’s painting, I seem to like them! Someone said she looks a bit like Disney’s Snow White, I think she does a little! 😀

    1. Thank you! 🙂 The words are mine but the picture isn’t. I always put the name of the wallpaper website I got it from at the top corner of the picture. I do that because I know people often repost pictures with words onto their blogs, especially tumblr blogs, and I want people to know the words are mine but the picture isn’t. If you click for full view you should be able to see it. With other pictures on here, I give a link to were they are originally from. There is one on here that’s mine, it’s a very pink rose – listed in the sidebar in the most liked. I’m hoping to put some more of my photography up in time, but it’s just getting the right image for the right bit of writing!

      And yes, it is a great shot!! 🙂 Makes me feel like I’m an ant or something looking up at the flowers! It must have been a tricky shot to take, so low on the ground!

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