The Voice



A moment in time in a crowded street
Some are hard to forget



.It was a hectic week
time slipped from my hands
I was in need of space
time for me
time to browse
to shop – shop
and shop
enjoy the company of no-one
put on hold thoughts of others
think about me
what I wanted
where I wanted to go
make all of time mine


I took myself to a divine shop
with neat tall shelves
stacked full of wonderful things
a little shop bursting
with sweetness and fragrance
I marvelled at all I could buy


A consultation first
with a kind and sensible girl
on what best would suit my skin
I settled for a moisturiser
with promises of hydration
to soothe my dry skin
and perhaps spin an illusion
of a few years removed from my age


.I left the doors of that shop
hope rising in a warm glow
maybe this would be the cream
I had been longing to find
and so lovely of her
to wrap the little glass jar
in pretty paper


.It was a girlie moment
one I rarely have
I enjoyed every second


.I made my way
through the city streets
juggling within my mind
where to waste my time
spend my precious cash


.My thoughts
they were rudely interrupted
trouble in the air
a voice rang out
about a subject
no-one could understand


.A man with headphones
big white cans
like cappuccino cups hanging on his ears
He spun in circles
like bees were stinging
angry incomprehensible words
flew from his mouth
Filled my ears
with sharp sounds I wanted to erase


.His anger was wide and long
red in the face
as if he had no choice
but to fire those sound bullets
Innocent shoppers staring
walking sideways
avoiding the mad man
giving the nutter a wide birth
as if he may burst
explode with his roaring words


. I did my best to avoid him
obviously – it was a bad day
he didn’t need my wary stare
to reflect back
how untidy his emotions were


.On and on he shouted
his body writhing
walking backwards
any way
for him to escape
from what made him boil


. I broke away from the noise
avoiding his path entirely
relieved with my freedom
from insanity invading my space
I slipped away successfully
I thought


.I went my way
he went another
his fury trip taking him far
his voice
I could still hear
shouts echoing on the air
like he was calling to me
to drown a voice
with his music cans
And the anger
loud explosive bursts
the bullets I was clever to dodge
weren’t bullets at all


.He was calling
in the only way he knew
Help! – Anyone!
Telling the world that rushed away from him
he couldn’t escape
from the voice
the relentless accusing words
that allow no room for his own


.And I wondered
if he even knew
what the sound of his own voice was like
if he would ever find life
without the shouting down of the voice


.I stopped
turned around
but he was gone
The busy street heaved with shoppers
no sign of the man with cans
just the voice
the angry voice
echoes filling my ears


.I wanted to weep for him
but that would have achieved nothing


.I wished I could dig deep
in a Mary Poppins bag
and lift out what he needed
to be free
So that he would know
what life was like
without the voice

shopping for goodies
hasn’t felt quite the same

And the moisturiser?
Yes – it worked
I’m thrilled
my problem solved

But every time I use it
my skin so perfectly soothed
I think of him

Picture : Edinburgh Streets – Deviantart



28 thoughts on “The Voice

    1. Thank you! I was playing various tracks in the background when writing this, and that one came on, it just felt so right, was helping me remember the day better, so I left it playing. Thought it was more appropriate for this poem than a video – glad you liked it! 🙂

    1. Oh no – it wasn’t the Body Shop, that’s all a bit trashy now that L’oreal own it – it’s just not the same!! It was a Neals Yard shop – very up market! Very expensive too, I have annoying skin on my face, nothing seems to suit it – until now! 🙂

      Wherever he had been, he was still there I think, he certainly didn’t look like he was aware of anyone around him – a bit Matrix like! The mind can be a strange place, pity we can’t opt out whenever we need to! 🙂

  1. The story starts. I haven’t had a girls’ day out for so long. And I wanted to be with you just looking around. Splurging on a couple of things but knowing they probably wouldn’t help me much and would end up on the shelf. But the container would be pretty. Then we might stop for a bite or tea or something…..stronger.

    Then the unexpected happened. Something always happens.
    I do not like crowds. I rarely go to events etc. We shop early in the morning for groceries. I am just happy in my own backyard. In my cupboard are several containers of baby oil that are used for the skin lotion. 🙂

    1. Yes, splurging on treats does normally result in something useless! But I had read a very good review of that Neals Yard Moisturiser, so decided to go for it that day, it’s really amazing, doesn’t promise anything other than soft skin, but it really does have the ability to add a tiny bit of youthfulness too!

      I’m not keen on big crowds either, I’d love to go shopping first thing in the morning, but I nearly always end up doing my shopping in the last hour of shop opening time – all a bit of a rush! 🙂

  2. The music – like the poem – is jarring, disturbing an otherwise wonderful, escapist day. That man’s voice is one we all try to escape, the harsh realities of life.

    It’s sad that what you sought for comfort – a lotion – will always remind you of that crazed man consumed by demons that no one can see. Well written, Suzy. I saw the man and the scene as you described it … and feel the unsettling aftermath.

    1. Thank you Judy! 🙂 Yes it is a bit strange that a face cream can remind me of a man lost in a crazed world, it’s funny what the mind can attach memories to! I expect in time, it will wear away from my memory, but that’s partly why I wrote about it, because sometimes years later, it’s good to be reminded of something we might otherwise forget. 🙂

  3. I don’t know but I find this story both funny and cognitive. I can’t judge as I wasn’t there but what I can say that appearances and voices are deceptive. I knew many seemingly rude people but they turned out later to be better than seemingly courteous ones : ) I wonder when and why we can be the former and the latter. Aren’t we such?

    1. I suppose there is a slightly amusing side to this, but I think for me I still have memories of his distressed face, so that draws me back to the seriousness of his situation. And yes some people can be very variable, changeable from one minute to the next. I’m always a little wary of people like that! I like to know where I am with someone. And of course I’m never like that myself!! 😉

      1. I know, Suzy how can it be scaring specifically for women. I’ve learned to distinguish between but still can be confused with the strange behaviour. So you have there people like that too? What came to my mind earlier are numerous examples from literature and movies (Dickens, Thackeray, “Oliver Twist”, “Vanity Fair”; “Home Alone”, etc. ). But it is a fiction – in real life the things have their own sombre colors probably. But it depends…I call it a kind of “luck” – bad and good at the same time cause it gives the experience of knowing and how to avoid the situations in future or how to cope with them. And otherwise this story won’t appear here. : ) You’re doing right – choose the people for your company. : )

  4. rough emotive skills

    yelling / asking

    shouting / singing


    our own interpretive



    we’re all products

    all behaviour is learned

    1. It’s one of my mini reviews linked to the Pinterest board. I’ve said something very brief about it, because the picture is attached to a really good review I read on a blog. It’s a very interesting blog, she’s very English too! I’m lucky that I have a Neals Yard shop in the city, so very easy for me to drop by and pick up things. But you can order their products online if you are interested. They are so nice in their shops, very helpful, give away lots of little samples and it’s like a store from the 1950’s, so quaint, a lovely experience. And best of all that cream really suits my skin and all natural products, no chemicals or illusionary smoothing acrylics mixed in their products (powdered plastic!) – all good stuff, just what I like!

      I also love the Lush shop we have too, but I’ve tried every face moisturiser they have and none of them really are right for me, but I love their other products though – couldn’t live without them. They are also another sweet smelling shop with friendly staff who hand out samples, and you can buy them online too!

      I love your cat face! >^.^< You do so many lovely little faces, they always make me smile 🙂 I should try some of them myself, I need to find a list to give me a guide, otherwise I'll end up using the wrong ones! 😀

      1. Looked up the shop, it’s nowhere near me, I guess it’s a UK thing? As for Lush we definitely have one of those here ^_^ I’m so terrified of trying new products on my face as it is very sensitive and I break out every single time, but I shall look into Neal’s some more since it’s supposed to be all natural. I used to buy bath bombs from Lush, so pretty but some are a mess to clean up because one of them I bought had these plastic confetti’s in them >_<

        LOL, thank you! My friend sent that to me via text and said that it was fitting, and I made a bear one for him

        ( ' ')^ . ^( ' ')

        Supposed to be a bear with his paws up in the air, haha.

        1. If you are very sensitive to what you put on your face, Neals Yard products may be OK for you, because if you read a lot of reviews of their products online, it’s the one thing that people with sensitive skin like about them. And I have that problem too, but so far everything is good, and it’s making my skin much younger looking too, which is a nice bonus – it’s amazing what a good face cream can do! They do seem to have got their ingredients right. I do love the Lush shop and a lot of their products, but I’m not convinced they have their face creams and lotions right, unless I have a very complicated face!! 🙂

          The bath bombs have never appealed to me, so I’ve never had one, it annoys me as to how much space they give to them in the little shop in the city. I’ve been waiting for them to get their act together and put their cosmetics in the shop, they’ve always said they haven’t got room – I suggested they could get rid of the bath bombs! They looked at me in horror! I think they are very popular and probably bring in a lot of money! Anyway, they have sorted it out now, so I’m enjoying trying some of their cosmetics – at last!! 😀

          1. Yes, they are very popular and bring in a lot of revenue ^_^

            I stopped being a bath person so I no longer purchase them, but they are indeed lush as the store name entails 😛

            Do you not like baths Suzy?

            1. Oh no – I love my bath! Just not so keen on floating bits in when I’m in it! I like showers too, at least they’re quick. But I like to relax in water, and think. My landlord is refitting my bathroom some time this year, and because it’s a small bathroom he suggested replacing the bath with a shower unit instead – I nearly screamed! 😮 I think he thought he was doing me a favour! Bath is back on the plans again now! 😀

    1. Thank you! Yes I actually wrote this to that music, it was just a random moment with it playing in the background, it helped me feel like I was back in that street. I use music a lot like that, to get my mind where I want it, but there are times when all I need is silence. 🙂 And the moisturiser really does work! I’ve had years of different creams and lotions just not being quite right, and that one was just waiting for me to come along and buy it!

      Someone told me my new gravatar looks like Snow White – I think they’re right, she does a bit! As nice as the other one was, I couldn’t help thinking she looked a bit like a call girl on a job, with her sexy nightwear/underwear! I think this one looks more of a writer – even if she looks like she’s about to hug that tree! 😉

  5. It’s strange – how our minds work. I was wondering what was going to happen to your moisturiser. Loved the end – though the product soothes your skin the thoughts associated with it may not be that soothing. I guess I got it right. :0

    1. The mind workings will probably have humans puzzling over it forever! I’m only barely getting to grips with how my own works – the way it tries to fool me! But a year or two from now I could have a different opinion again. 🙂

      Yes, I can see what you mean, it must have sounded like something terrible was going to happen to that precious cream! I probably wrote it like that subconsciously, not wanting the reader to guess where I was going! You could say something did happen to it, in a way the use of it was altered! 🙂

    1. Yes the picture is of Edinburgh! I chose it because that street looked so like the street where the event happened, it felt right for the poem. I’ve not been there, but I’d love to go. Visited Wales a few times and Ireland, but strangely I’ve never made it to Scotland – yet!
      Suzy 🙂

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