Doctor! Doctor!


Woke up this morning
not lying in my bed
it was 1879 – I was floating down a river
songs of delusion in my head

 Doctor! Doctor!
I need you now
Time has slipped right out of place
Come and save me sweetie!
Before I’m diagnosed a basket case


Opened the paper this morning
nearly fell through the floor
chocolate’s on ration again
time has slipped to 1944!

 Doctor! Doctor!
I adore your magic box of blue
open wide those TARDIS doors
lets go on a journey of Deja Vu!


Searching WordPress for poems and prose
shocked to discover an author of a blog
Muchado – was their name
Shakespeare reposting Loves Labour’s Lost!

 Doctor! Doctor!
Please come quick
the time continuum
is very sick!


Reading the morning paper
Victoria’s back on her throne
it’s 1879 again
no – no – it’s got to stop – I just wanna go home!

 Doctor! Doctor!
You’re the only guy that will do
get here now and get here fast
I hear the daleks coming through!


Got up this morning
in a stupid cow moooood
walked straight out the front door
in the flaming nude!

 Doctor! Doctor!
Get here now
it’s cold – I’m locked out
so come and save this silly cow!


Eyes half open in a morning dream
my lashes all a blink
my head in a sleepy snoozy whirl
At last! – The Doctor’s here – I think?

His doctor words tingle my ears
No need to be so flustered
time for breakfast you dozy Suze!
Where’s the fish-fingers and custard?”



If you are wondering what fish fingers and custard is all about – have a look hereAnd why I called him Sweetie, over here.


In case you didn’t know already know – I’m a big fan of Doctor Who!  The new series is starting tonight, and the child in me is jumping up and down in excitement!  This is a fun poem that I wrote last year for a writers website called JottifyWe like a laugh on Jottify, it prevents us amateur writers from becoming too serious about our poems and other written works! 😀


Picture: ILU Tardis



30 thoughts on “Doctor! Doctor!

  1. I love that poem. It sounds like something I would write.
    CORRECTION: It sounds like something I wish I could write. 🙂
    We used to watch the good doctor years ago. I wish I could watch.

    1. Thank you! But you do write poems like this! 🙂 Rhyming poetry is not easy to get right, I think it’s a lot harder than other styles of poetry. All mine used to rhyme years back, but about a year a go I discovered I actually liked the ones that didn’t even more. Never liked them at all before. This one was a real pain to write, and has had a little rewrite in parts a few days ago, so these don’t usually come easy to me! Trying to fit the important Dr Who bits in and something about WordPress to replace the rhyme about Jottify just made it all the more difficult. Rewarding in the end though! 🙂

      I’m amazed how many people round the world, especially in the US know about Dr Who from the past. We were under the impression in the UK that only a tiny portion had ever seen Dr Who years ago. It’s interesting what wrong impressions you get when you don’t actually communicate with people yourself, but rely on the media to tell you!

      The new Dr Who, since 2005, has been stunning, almost unrecognisable to the old one, but has been no disappointment to the die hard fans. If you liked the old series, I think you may find this one will blow your mind away!! I would recommend finding a way to get hold of some DVD’s, it will be well worth the money, and you have a lot of catching up to do now! 😀

      1. I think we watched Dr. Who in the late ’70s. And there were even reruns….maybe. I remember there were different Dr. Whos and I did have my favorite. I just can’t remember so far back. Is there a book?
        I won’t get the DVD’s. It’s a good idea, but I just don’t do those things. I’m surprised I get up everyday to blog. 😦

        1. There are many books, I used to read them when I was a teenager. I think they are aimed at a younger readership though. I did flick through a few of them a while back, but they don’t draw me in like the TV series does. Have a look on Amazon, I’m sure there are loads on there! 😀

    1. Thank you! 🙂 So many Dr Who fans out there in the world! If only the internet had existed in the 80’s – I felt like I was the only teenage girl who loved Dr Who. Obviously I was very wrong!! 😀

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Another Dr Who fan, nice to meet you! Series 7 (part2) looks like it’s going to be good, 1st programme last night was fantastic!
      Suzy 😀

  2. Even if you not want to become too serious as a writer, wow, I think is fun poem is one of your best. Excellent, peppy flow. I love the Doctor too!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I probably won’t be writing too many like this, but I do like a laugh now and then! It seem just about everyone loves the Doctor – that’s lovely to realise that, thanks for letting me know!!
      Suzy 😀

    1. I was wondering if anyone who has not seen the series, or seen any recently if they would understand the meanings in there.
      The river bit at the start, was inspiration from the 80’s series about a programme that wasn’t shown at the time because it took so long for the Director to make it – they actually ran out of time to finish it! It involved the Doctor and his lady Timelord floating down a river – I think it was filmed in Cambridge.

      Shakespeare and Queen Victoria have both been featured as characters from the past, in the more recent series. And ‘Muchado’ of course is Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing!

      The Doctor also visited Britain in the wartime Britain in the 40’s, and the other two you know of now. So lots of bits of the programme in there. But it’s a bit like writing in code really, don’t think I’ll be doing too many of these – not easy to convey to others what you mean, and damn difficult to write too! But I’m glad you were able to see the fun in it!! 😀

  3. After years of resisting, I’ve finally submitted. This Sarah Jane has finally become a companion.

    1. Haha! 😆 Hello Sara Jane! So you’re following the Doctor too!!! Have been watching the programme since I was three years old, and Sarah Jane was the first companion I really remember well! They made a series in recent years called The Sarah Jane Adventures, starring the actress who played her in the 70’s. It really was a brilliant children’s programme, and I was totally hooked! Don’t normally watch children’s TV, but that one was something I would have loved when I was a child! It’s good to know just how much the Doctor and his Tardis are loved – thank you for letting me know! 😀

  4. I love this poem, so fun and creatively written, Suzy! I haven’t watched this show, but my son loves it! I shopped deeply to find Dr. Who stuff for Christmas for him last year! Great writing and enjoy the Dr.! 🙂

    1. Thank you Lauren! 🙂 It took a while to get this right, and it’s had a little rewrite recently too. This style of poetry doesn’t come easy to my mind! 🙂 Shopping for Doctor Who stuff, sounds fun and a little tiring! Although when I was a teenager and madly into Doctor Who, I would have happily shopped till I dropped for Doctor stuff!!! 😀

      1. We have a little store near us that sells a lot of Dr Who stuff, so I got lucky. He has a t-shirt and other fun things! Yep, teenager energy! 🙂 Have a great day, Suzy!

    1. I loved the old 70’s and 80’s series that I grew up with. I would never have believed that they would have brought it back, and made it so wonderful, that my adult mind could enjoy it so much! The stories can be a little difficult to follow sometimes, but I often watch on BBC iPlayer now, and before that I used to record on video each episode, because there were times when I’d have to go back to double check something said or done. It’s a fast moving programme at times, and can be difficult to keep up with – but I just think the stories are written so well!
      Suzy 😀

  5. As a lover of pure science fiction going back to early science fiction, one could not help but appreciate your work of poetic art. I can remember the days when Dr.Who was first broadcast in mono! Lovely piece of work…

    1. Thank you Orpheus! It’s had a little rewrite since the first posting on Jottify. I don’t remember the black and white ones at the time of broadcast, but I have seen many of them over the years. But strangely Dr Who in the 70’s was always in black and white for me, because we didn’t have a colour television until the beginning of the 80’s!! 😀

    1. I was a huge fan of Dr Who from the age of 13 to 17, and then I lost interest as the quality of the series diminished! 😦 So I certainly remember Patrick Troughton from the Dr Who magazine articles that I was obsessed with, and some of the reruns that the BBC did in the 80’s. He seemed like a good character – a fun Doctor, a little less serious than the first! But I have to admit my favourite old time Dr has to be Tom Baker, loony as he is – I kind of like that type of insanity – in small doses!

      With the recent series I have pretty much liked all the new Doctors, they have all handled the character very well. But I really like Matt Smith, I think his quirkiness feels very real – maybe it is! 🙂 Not been so thrilled with as many of the stories this season though, but I suppose it can’t always be utterly brilliant! I do like the mystery surrounding Clara Oswin Oswald, and she is so perfect for the part too, appears to be a deep thinking intelligent woman character, which is nice for a change!
      Suzy 😀

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