Girl Who Got Away


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I have been straining my creative thoughts for over a week on these songs, as to what I could write to compliment them.  I decided – nothing really!!  What more could I say than these two brilliant songs have already said.  To add anything else would spoil what has already been created.

To be really honest, I didn’t like Dido’s music previously, never found her style to be inspiring.  I thought she sounded almost sleepy and very dull!  Several times recently I heard this song called No Freedom on the radio, I was sure it was Dido singing, but kept missing who it was.  Then one morning it played on the radio when I was barely awake.  I turned up the sound and gently woke up to that wonderful song.  And yes, it was Dido!  Even better, it wasn’t an old song I’d missed, but one from her new album.

I immediately got onto You Tube to check it out, and discovered that the whole album sounded great.  I love it when people I never used to like before suddenly produce something I do! 

The second song here is called Let Us Move On, and I absolutely love that one, has a mind freeing feeling not only in the lyrics but the music too, and even has some rapping in it! 😀



Take it by your silence
That I’m free to walk out the door
By the look in your eyes I can tell
You don’t think I’ll be back for more

Try to think of the world
Where you could stay and these safe hands could go
Take your heart above the water
Wherever I choose to go

No love without freedom…

No freedom without love

Even when you don’t see me
Even when you don’t hear
I’ll be flying low below the sun
And you’ll feel it all out here

No love without freedom…

No freedom without love

No love without freedom…

 No freedom without love

Standing here in silence
The world in front of me
Holding you in my hand
And seeing as you’d see

No love without freedom…

No freedom without love


If you want to hear Dido talking on You Tube about the making of her new album click here to view Dido Discusses Girl Who Got Away


16 thoughts on “Girl Who Got Away

  1. Well, you probably know that I never heard of Dido. 😦
    So I did listen to several of her songs and like them. 🙂
    I liked listening but I don’t always like watching a video that acts out a song. So I just MOVED ON!

    1. Good idea! 😆 Sometimes I find videos distracting, but it’s kind of handy when the lyrics are included! I’ve discovered people are uploading well known tracks to Soundcloud like they do on You Tube, so I may start sharing a some of those! 😀

    1. It seems everyone here loves her, I’m a bit behind in learning to like her music! That’s good that it inspired you! It will be interesting to see what you create! 😀

    1. Yes, I wondered if she had disappeared for good this time, but it seems she’s been having a break. And some changes in her personal life, probably has a lot to do with her choice of subject on her new album! 😀

    1. No love without freedom – yes! It’s not until someone sings words like these that it really hits your mind at how true that is. There is something to be said for some repetition in pop music, sometimes it’s good to hear it said many times! 😀

  2. I felt exactly the same about Dido. I was given her one album (it was so dull I can’t even remember what it was called) as a birthday present, listened to half of it and then gave it to a friend who loved her.

    But I may give her another go after reading/listening to this. 🙂

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I just really loved the words she was using, seemed very spiritual, without heaviness or religion. And the music sounds much more enticing than before. It’s not surprising you couldn’t remember what the album was called! She used to make me yawn! 😆

    1. Joanie Collins? I’ve never heard of her, I’ll have to look her up. I’m glad you liked the No Freedom song! 🙂 And sincere apologies for forgetting to reply to you here – not sure how I missed that. Probably ticked it off in my mind as done I think!! 😀

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