You like white coffee
And I like black tea
I’m Miss organised
While you’re Mr dream

And I love you darling
But you don’t love me

I like the sound of the piano
And you like the beat of the drum
You think life is a box of chocolates
But I can’t see the fun

I walk towards the right
While you run to the left
I desire to shop
You desire the bed

With all this difference between us
It’s a miracle we’ve made it this far
And not joined the lonely hearts club
But still in this mismatched muddle we are

Could you meet me halfway
Before we split apart down the seam
I’ll hide my disappointment
If you pretend to love me

I’ll drink your coffee
If you sip my tea



Not the ideal relationship – unfortunately a very common one!



Picture ➡ Oh Every Year



11 thoughts on “Mismatched

    1. Oh yes – there’s always hope! 🙂 I have to say, this is a place I used to feel I was in, but not today, but at least have some life experience to draw upon for writing. It seems nothing is a waste after all! 😀

    1. Thank you Benjamin! It’s a difficult thing to merge your life with someone else, I think there will always be for most people areas where a mismatch lingers, but some are just unlucky enough to have more of it than others! 😀

  1. To draw inspiration for a poem from something that went amiss. I guess that is one good thing that came out of that relationship 😛

    I feel like most people just settle. Settling down, settling for less than what our hearts desire, and it is tragic to just watch people around me do this. And for the most part, they are not unhappy – but they aren’t on fire either. But to each their own. I prefer to live a life of adventure and inspiration. Hopefully I’ll bump into someone who feels exactly the same way 😀

    1. It always makes bad life experiences so much more bearable if you can write about them after, I feel. Whether writing about those experiences will help anyone else, may be unlikely, but I think it’s good to share our uncomfortable moments with others, even if it’s through humour, because we are reassured that we may all be different in some ways, but in others we have to face the same problems. It’s a small thing, a bit like adding seasoning to food, makes it a little more pleasant! 🙂

      The concept of what most people think settling down seems to be, I always feel sounds a little depressing, but people often talk about it as if it is something to look forward to. I suppose that is great if it turns out to be a happy contented nest! Well, I do hope you find the best one to share your contented nest with! 😀

  2. Wonderful dichotomy of the human condition. I look forward to reading your words, and I thank you for visiting my own… 🙂

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