Wear It Like A Crown



8 thoughts on “Wear It Like A Crown

    1. Oh – that’s lovely! 🙂 It’s great when you find music that does that to your mind, I have that happen a lot! Well I’m very pleased it did that much for you, it was the right one to share! 😀

    1. Oh so am I, love the piano! 🙂 And I’m really keen on Rebekka Karijord, lover her lyric and the music! That’s not the most impressive one of hers musically, but I thought it was a good video to go with the poem! I will be sharing some more of hers. I was surprised to find she’s only got two albums and the second one has only just come out!

      I was very into Kate Bush when I was a teen, and her lyrics got me into writing poetry. I kind of feel there is something very slightly like her style in Rebekka. But her voice isn’t so squeaky, and her facial expressions not animated – Kate Bush was very bizarre at times! 😀

    1. Yes, it’s a strange thought, the possibility of meeting yourself either in the past or the future. I was thinking on that yesterday when I posted this, and wondering whether it wouldn’t be a good thing. It would certainly be life changing in some way, but maybe not for the better! 😀

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