Words Are Seed

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yes, words become ideas, and never stop growing and reproducing! I’m glad you liked it, and delighted that so many understood what I was saying. I’m learning a lot on here, that so many others also have thoughts like this too, it’s very reassuring to know! 😀

    1. Thank you Jo! The words are mine, but not the image this time! I’ve put lettering in the corner of the picture to indicate what wallpaper site the image came from, but perhaps I should put a link underneath the picture too, to make it a little more clear of the source. I get people all the time thinking the artwork and photography on the picture/art blog are all mine. I’d have to be a genius to accomplish all that! Gets a little embarrassing explaining to people that they have missed the link underneath the picture! But at least I know you understand they are not mine!! 😀

    1. Yes I did! 🙂 All the picture poems on here are mine. Lots of blogs share picture poems and thoughts, but mine are written by me! But I may share some others soon, if you see a blue link under a picture, you’ll know it’s not mine, because I always give a link to the picture source.

      Fantastic, is fantastic to me, thank you Benjamin, you’ve made my morning, think it’s going to be a good day – for a change! Hope it is for you too, and you get your painting finished! 😀

      1. Thanks, sorry to be over enthusiastic but your writing is really lovely. And silly me missed your other blog so I followed that as well. Ps still love your pic 😉 have a beautiful day

        1. I think I might have mislead you a little by my muddled reply!! What I meant to say was, all the picture poems are mine in words, but the pictures are not mine, generally they have been wallpaper images. I try to remember to put lettering in one corner to indicate what wallpaper site it’s from. Even better would be the original photographer, but can’t always find them, often only a wallpaper image is available and no name! Sorry for the confusion, I’m getting bad habits in my replies!

          But just to confuse you even more! The poem ‘A Rose’ with the bright pink rose, that actually is my photography! It does have my user name on there somewhere, but you can hardly see it now! It was a very perfect rose in my aunt and uncles garden, probably the most perfect rose I’ve ever seen in a garden! I will be using some more of my photography at times, but I’ll always indicate at the bottom of the post who or where the image is from. Hope that makes things a little clearer! 😀

    1. Well I’m really pleased that you do! I was a little worried it would be the wrong title, but I was wrong! Thank you for your comment, very much appreciated!
      Suzy 😀

  1. I enjoy seeing these combo picture/word things. I plan on doing one soon, but I think my poems drag on too long to fit into one photo! lol.

    This is well put and lovely – how you compare words to seeds.

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