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    1. Yes, when it first started I thought it was going to turn into something really mad, and I got a real shock when it went in exactly the direction of a video I was hoping for, couldn’t believe my luck! I think it sums up many peoples experiences, of school, and all the lies that float around in their head. I’m glad you approve! 😀

    1. First image? Do you mean the picture poem or something in the video? I’m glad you like it, and I’m pleased I spent a while looking for this. Found it late last night, a huge slice of luck I think to come across this! 😀

  1. This video is very powerful. I’m a little stunned. The beginning is almost precious – I’d probably have done the same thing his grandmother did because I thought it was cute. Who was to know that is would be disfigured into such a horrible memory?

    1. Oh yes, children have got to be so careful what they say at school, to their friends or teachers, and I’ve heard of mad situations like this before! It is a powerful video, and has some good humour in there too! I was searching Vimeo for something to go with the poem, looking for something to do with words, not really impressed by anything, and suddenly this came up – I was thrilled, because I think it conveys a great message and so many people feel like this. I’m really pleased you like it, and thanks for the comment! 😀

  2. That would be me in that picture – only she is better looking! Did you draw it? And yes, that is a really sad video….good intentions go wrong sometimes, and actually it is sometimes no one’s fault..but as someone who was called names and bullied etc I do relate to this….words definitely hurt more than physical abuse…I know, I am a masochist. Still getting over it – and it is funny how we cannot shake off the feelings – though we can try to look out for others so that our own patterns do not repeat….thanks

    1. Oh no, it’s not my own art! 🙂 I have put a link at the bottom of the page, which I always do on the picture I use unless they are my own in which case I put my own user name there. If you click on the link it will take you straight to their Deviantart page!

      Yes, negative words often stay with us a lifetime, and positive words do too, but there is something very strange about the way we often make a stronger connection to the negative than the positive. I think it is a sad video, but I was pleased to discover some positive suggestions in there at the end! Thanks very much for your comment, very much appreciated, and I really hope those words that have effected your mind leave you in peace very soon! 🙂

  3. I laughed at first, then I felt the tide change. I think it boils down to, breaking the cycles, and instituting More Communication and respect for each other really is key.
    Thank you for sharing such a thought provoking, soul stirring video Ms Suzy!!

    1. Yes, so did I, I think it has that effect on everyone! 🙂 It is a very thought provoking video, I was impressed when I found this, it conveys some really good points in there. I’d never seen it before, but it’s actually really well known. Since I’ve had a couple of Tumblr blogs I’ve seen it a lot more, younger people relate to this a lot. Thanks for digging deep on here Alisha, I think you should get an award for the reading of old posts!! 😀

      1. Aww, You are so welcome Ms Suzy!!! It really is some content to make you think and debate as well. Also, I enjoyed digging the video!!! 😄 You always post such excellent material. I appreciate the thoughts of awards, but I just love to browse all the content everyone posts on the blogs. Everyone is so creative!!! Thanks Ms Suzy!! 😄

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