If I could Tell You

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Look how tiny you are
little boy of mine
Dainty curly toes
Such a perfect child
In such an imperfect world

It seems right now
we are a world apart
But one day my son
You’ll be a man
just like me

This little body of yours
It’s the very beginning
A journey of discovery
of things
that not even I have known

There is so much
I could tell you
of the life you have ahead
the places you will go
of people you will meet
The experience of life
that will change you
from that small soft boy
into a big strong man

This world
with all it’s wonderful things
can be a place of darkness
And the light
is sometimes hard to find
But you have to uncover it
all for yourself
Because your dad
can’t live your life
Your dad
is not God
Your dad
can only love you
as best as he knows how
Your dad
can only be Daddy

If I could tell you
How to sail through this life
Always catching the wind
from the right direction
Of how to avoid
the roughest of sea
Steering the rudder
just in time
Then I would whisper those secrets
to your tiny ears
So they would travel with you
for the rest of your days
speaking to your mind
in those hours of need

There are many tricks
I could show you
To get through
when I’m not there
Many ways to be
endless paths to choose

But I am just a man
one who loves you dearly
and the answers
are not all in me

I wish with all my heart
in time my son
You will uncover them all
inside of you



PictureTo Be A Father


This was written some time ago, inspired by finding an old black and white photograph of my dad sitting on a picnic rug in Richmond Park London with my brother aged 6 months.  He had his right hand cradling his head and his left hand just barely touching his toes.  He was smiling away, every inch the proud father of his first child, he looked so happy gazing at that miracle before him.

I thought about how my father had been in his life, and all the advice he used to give, especially to my brother.  It wasn’t always appreciated of course! 🙂  But no-one has a clue how to be a parent, and muddling through, doing your best, is all you can do sometimes!


21 thoughts on “If I could Tell You

  1. Awww, beautiful. I felt the love and honesty dripping from this lovely poem. Such a heartfelt photograph. I know the photograph of your Dad and Brother sounds so proud, and loving. Loved this line, But I am just a man
    one who loves you dearly
    and the answers
    are not all in me.
    It showed that the Dad was in part bearing his soul. In fact, saying, I may not know it all son, but we will find out together. Love it!!

    1. It was a lovely picture of my Dad in a happy moment, very much the proud parent, with amazement on his face that this sweet little thing was his! I was going to post the original picture, but when I found this art, I just thought it would be more striking. My Dad was definitely the kind of man who didn’t claim to have all the answers. I think teaching children that is very important. Doesn’t mean those answers won’t be found of course, but children have to learn to find their own. Thank you for hunting out all my old poems Alisha, you are so diligent and very kind!! 🙂

      1. Aww, Thank you and You are so welcome Ms Suzy!! I enjoyed it so much!! I agree with you too. Children do have to find their own answers to learn for themselves.

  2. I love this poem. Thank you for posting!
    Parents are like teachers…
    We can point the way, but ultimately it is the child who will make his own choices.
    We wish the best for our children on their journey.

    1. Yes, parents can only do so much. Children truly are like little birds of the nest, and when they discover they can fly, a parent can only watch – and hope! Thank you Mary for reading and commenting, and also for all your other likes, very much appreciated!
      Suzy 😀

    1. Oh thank you Gloria! 🙂 Well, it kind made me cry writing it, looking at that old picture of my dad with his first baby, young man, full of hopes and dreams for his son – emotional stuff indeed! 🙂

    1. Thank you – that’s so lovely of you! 🙂 And I’m really pleased you liked the picture too, it’s an incredible drawing from a photograph on Deviantart, (they have a link to the photo under their picture) and it looks so like the real picture! I’m interested in art, and have experimented with some myself, but I haven’t tried people yet. I’d love to be able to draw them as well as this artist does! 😀

  3. Poignant.
    And no, we have no clue.
    Brings back memories of when my now-21-year-old son was a wee one.

    1. I don’t have any children of my own, but I really appreciate the hard job that my parents did in bringing up my brother and I, because to be a parent you have to give so much up of self, and that’s the one thing we really don’t like to have to do! 😀

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