Lolly Jane Blue – Worms



This is a little unusual to say the least – enjoy!!



7 thoughts on “Lolly Jane Blue – Worms

    1. Lolly Jane Blue is her character name, I found the singers real name earlier, but lost it again now! I just find her videos and music fascinating! I suppose that’s what happens when you grow up with Kate Bush, Madonna, Eurythmics and all the other quirkiness of the 80’s filling your ears. I’m a slightly immature middle aged woman yearning for more!! 😀

    1. I think there is a certain erotic image to this, yes. I see so much more in this though, my mind goes beyond the surface image. I like the music, I like all kinds of music, and really want to have a variety on here. Does my blog image look very sweet and nice? I’ve kind of been wondering what image I’m conveying to people reading it. I don’t want it to be too sweet and nice, would like it to reflect my real personality, and real life which includes nice, and the not so nice! In real life, I have many sides to my personality, and many different tastes in what I like to watch and read and listen to. Some people may find me a little surprising sometimes! One of my favourite programmes I’ve been watching a little while ago tonight is a British TV series called Being Human, full of stories about Vampires, Ghosts and Werewolves! I don’t watch it for the Vampires, Ghosts and Werewolves, I watch it because the stories have underlying stories to tell, and it has a certain amount of humour in there too which I really love!

      I can remember when I was a teenager watching Meat Loaf and Cher doing their stuff with their hit Dead Ringer For Love, and to my wild surprise my mum suddenly declaring she really liked it – I nearly fell off the sofa in shock! 😯 She was someone who generally liked singers like Barbara Streisand, so Meat Loaf and Cher just struck me as something way out of her usual comfort zone! So maybe I take after her, in my sudden off the wall likes! You can probably expect some more of those – occasionally! 😀

      1. I guess my mind is just dirtier than yours 😉 LOL!

        Yes, your blog does look very sweet and nice, and so does your avatar.

        I’ve seen Being Human in its entirety. Great show! Watched it on NetFlix if I can recall or my dad had rented dvds.

        I like the occasional off the wall likes 🙂 Makes things much more interesting, and you as well.

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