One Bright Star

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The beautiful film Bright Star about the poet John Keats
inspired my poem We Should Be Butterflies


Even if you’re not into John Keats this is a really beautiful film, about young love in a time when there were so many damn rules – rules – rules, guaranteed passion killer!

You can read his poetry here.



This is not related to the film Bright Star, I just thought it was a really beautiful floating away piece of music!




6 thoughts on “One Bright Star

    1. Thank you Hanmonique! šŸ™‚ It is very romantic, but like a lot of poets lives, it came to a very tragic sad end. It’s a wonderful film, but you definitely need the tissue box close by! I put John Keats quote on that picture weeks ago, and every time I looked at it I wondered what on earth was I going to put up with it!? And then I remembered the film, had to go looking for the right clip on You Tube because I hadn’t bookmarked what I’d found a few months back (the butterfly bits!) The readings by Ben Whishaw sound very appealing, almost could believe he might be Keats! He’s a brilliant actor, I think I’ve loved just about every film or programme he’s ever been in, mainly because he’s so wonderfully real! šŸ˜€

    1. A different way to start the day! It started my day too, posted this early in England’s morning! I’m thrilled that it gave your day a great start, and thank you for letting me know! šŸ˜€

  1. Ah… young love *sighs*

    Nothing says mood killer like rules and restrictions. Makes me glad to be here in this century. Free to love whomever I please.

    I would watch it, but I have run out of tissues and I refuse to resort to using my sleeves šŸ˜›

    1. Now that’s the worst excuse I’ve heard for not watching a film!! Of course you can use your sleeves!! šŸ˜€
      Yes I’m really glad I didn’t live in the 1800’s, bloody horrible time, especially for women. But strangely we do have some bits still remaining from that era. I was having a moan to my brother the other day about why women still have Miss and Mrs to the title of their name, when men are only called Mr and never Master like they did many years ago. I’m beginning to feel Miss as my title is a bit weird when you are not a spring chicken any more the word Spinster is kind of hiding behind that ‘Miss’ and I don’t like Ms, sounds like a feminist and I’m not one of those! I think people should be called by their names and leave it at that, that’s how I address envelopes now unless it’s some formal business letter. So bits of the past still live in between all our modern freedom, very strange! I don’t know if you have ever heard this before (hold on to your seat in case you fall off laughing) but in Britain there is a law that says a woman must not eat chocolate on a bus! I’m serious, that law technically still applies because no-one has undone it! And black cab taxis in inner London known as ‘hackney carriages’ (because they used to be carriages) officially still have to hold a bale of straw in the boot of the cab, for the horse!!!! So I’m guessing that ‘Miss’ is just another one of those little things they haven’t got around to changing yet! But at least they got round to changing the law that said a woman is the property of a man – how lucky we are to be living in 2013! šŸ˜€

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