Flowers Of The Field



There are some events in my life I have no choice but to face, but those that cling, the ones I have allowed for too long, well….


In patience they wait
flowers of the field
for the elements of earth
to give in kindness

Existing in expectation
Doubt has no meaning

They wait long
and sometimes life is over
before the answer comes

within myself
I discover
is not cherished
expectation is short
and doubt
wants to move in forever

The flowers of the field
they have little to give
but offer all they are
their purpose in life
largely unseen
they have no choice
make no plans
can’t move on
and make new
heal the past
start afresh…
they just are

They grow
any way
any how

Worthy is their life
respect is owed to the flowers
for who they are
for being all they are
without them
there would be nothing
even I would not be

But I am not the same
I cannot be compared to a flower
standing long in hope

I can give much
of who I am
choose to pour myself out
but I can be mindless
if I want to
withhold it at my decision
hide it in a state of ignorance
for I have been given
that kind of privilege

If it is said
my choices are few
I must wait
until a breeze brings the rain
I will say
it is a lie

If I start doubting
no point in plans
or moving on
making new
that the past can’t heal
a fresh start can’t be found
I will crush the life from the thought
refuse to let it rest in me

I am not a flower
my home is not a field
I don’t grow
any how
I have choice
I choose my direction
in every second of life

I will invite patience
embrace expectation
but no…
to doubt
to vulnerability
to the belief
I am weak
I must endure
all that comes to me
And the flowers?….

For many years
I have worshipped them
for all the wrong reasons




for giving
when I know not what else to give

I bow to them
as they quietly give
their life
for all life


“Flowers have been used to represent people in many ways for thousands of years, often because flowers are here today, and so quickly gone tomorrow. Even the bible makes many different references to it. But I’ve been thinking recently that I’m not sure I want to be compared to a flower. Although in some ways that comparison is true, it has connotations of weakness attached to it that I don’t fully agree with, we will never be exactly like a flower.  Also wild flowers – the real flowers, are actually so much more important than all the humans of this world anyway, they give something we can’t. We are both so different!  I realise this poem may be a little deep for some to appreciate, or maybe I have not explained it in the best way that I could, but please read, and take from it whatever connection your mind may make with the words.”

Picture: Suzy Hazelwood



20 thoughts on “Flowers Of The Field

    1. Thank you, I’m glad it reached your mind Benjamin! I thought it was time to let loose a bit of my deep filled, mind reaching ones! I like writing all kind of things, but sometimes I can’t get too surface thinking for too long, makes writing all seem a bit trivial, there’s a few more deep ones to come, but on very different subjects. But good job I’ve got a sense of humour lurking underneath to lighten it too! Also good to have something of summer – it’s snowing here again today!!! 😀

  1. I liked the way you divided your thinking with the italics. I did keep scrolling back up to reread and compare. But it really helped me read and try to understand.

    I was thinking of florist flowers and bouquets or corsages. How lovely they are. And what a thoughtful gift they make. I have received many. But after reading your piece I am reminded of a character with too much makeup on. Big orange rouged cheeks. Ugly penciled eyes. Lips of red looking to devour.

    How natural, free and fresh are the wild flowers.

    (when I retired….I said no more makeup….lol)

    You did ask how my mind connected. 🙂

    1. Your mind connected very well! I realised when writing this that it was going to be one of those poems that not everyone would understand, and also different things could be taken from it by different thinking. But I like poetry like that sometimes, it allows more freedom, and freedom of the mind is always good!

      Yes the italics were intended to help make it a little more clear what I was referring too, so I’m pleased that worked!

      I love flowers of the florist too and pictures of beautiful perfect flowers in studios! And maybe those are a bit like the supermodels of the human world, greatly admired but not seen as the real thing! And your comparison to the over made up face is a very good one, and kind of goes with the supermodel flowers! Orange cheeks (and orange skin sometimes!!)

      We do live in a very manufactured world, although most of us would have it no other way because anything else would be alien to us, but I realised that we don’t really view flowers as a life giving source, we worry about the lack of bees and everything else, and flowers are for looking at! I have some beautiful Calla Lilies in my back garden, and of course I believe they are there for me to enjoy looking at. If it were possible to ask the bees their opinion on that, they would respond in shock (mad humans!!) And thanks very much for your really interesting comment! 😀

  2. Flowers may have no choice, but we do.
    Our choices include to give our lives or to withhold it.
    I love the flowers, they give their lives.
    We ought to find a purpose worth giving our lives for, because until that happens, we may not be able to make a difference.
    Your poem is so beautifully written and it holds a whole lot of deep insight.
    You are unique and exceptionally excellent. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, that’s really very kind of you to say that! 🙂 And to think back to when I wrote this I was wondering if anyone would fully understand what I was saying. Well, I certainly have learnt by posting this that I need not worry about whether others will understand some of my deeper more meaningful poetry! And I will certainly keep up the good work!
      Suzy 😀

  3. They grow
    they thrive
    any way
    any how
    irresistible verses you are great I love you – read -have nice day stefan

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