Sawdust and nails, splinters in your hand
daddy how do you do it?
creating something just for me
from a piece of a big old tree

Sandcastles on a windy beach
ours have towers that never fall down
slumped in deck chairs, fish, chips and greasy hands
I scream in the ghost train, you hold me tight
you laugh loud at the cobwebs and the devil of night

There are days when I think I know you
and days when I’m sure I don’t
sometimes you make me cry
I stand alone, tearful, and question why

You’re a strong man, building tall walls
making my world safe
but daddy, I’m drowning, I can’t find me
there’s no room to breathe

On goes the strong man’s armour
you stop fighting the world, and fight me instead
I grab your arm, shout to your face
you are pale as a reflection…

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    1. Thank you! Things were better in the last few years of his life, we learnt to love and understand each other so much more – it’s good that life doesn’t stay the same sometimes! 🙂

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