The Journey

This little film made me smile when I first saw it, but after a second view I felt quite emotional when I started to realise that the internet for some is not just an amusement, but a lifeline, for those that cannot leave their home or even their bed due to illness, in the physical or mental sense.  And I wonder if it was thoughts of this kind that inspired the creation of this little film.  My mum had a lot of physical illness from the age of forty onwards, and many years ago even I had a period of three months when I couldn’t leave the house at all due to a very severe illness.  It was a horrible time in my young life, and one I’ll never forget.  And I often wonder what that period of extreme illness would have been like if there had been such a thing as the internet in those days, where my mum and I could have accessed all these wonderful things available to us today, just a distraction for a little while from the unkindness of illness.

If you are someone viewing this blog and you are in that unpleasant place in life right now, stuck at home, or a hospital bed, I just want to say I know how you feel and I often think of people like yourself while I create this blog.  And that is partly why I have a collection of pages with so many shared videos, because sometimes just to watch something relaxing is all you can cope with.

Enjoy the journey 😀

 For more videos like this go to Relax.




14 thoughts on “The Journey

    1. Thank you so much! I found the Planet Earth video about 9 months ago, and when I started this blog, I felt it had to be shared at some point, just been waiting for the right moment! 😀

    2. Hi Clanmother! 🙂
      I agree about the post.
      I receive likes or comments on my blog(s). But I also receive visits that are without comments or likes. I wonder who they are.

      I like to think in some way I provided some cheer or something of interest to someone.
      ( not likely…lol )

      1. I used to be one of those people that read blogs without having the convenience of a gravatar to plant a like. But I did occasionally make comments, just so the writer knew how much someone out there had been touched by their words! It’s a very different experience being on the inside of the blogging world, it all looks so different to me now! 🙂

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