Just A Couple Of Clowns



We’re just a couple of clowns
you and I
in this world of smart dressed cool dudes
Just laughing, joking and dancing
determined to chase away our blues

The world with it’s serious smart arse ways
can go to hell, high on it’s judgement seat
While we paint our faces with smiles
and wear our hearts on our sleeves

Every day we stumble and fall
in our topsy turvy life
tripping on Laurel and Hardy ups and downs
Adorable stupid you, and wonderful silly me
Just a couple of lovely clowns!



Picture ➡ Clowns



10 thoughts on “Just A Couple Of Clowns

    1. Thank you! Well, this was inspired by Ingrid’s song and video. I’ve been looking on Vimeo and You Tube for various subjects and just for the hell of it I put in ‘clowns’ under a search, and found ‘The Way I Am.’ So I wrote these words. It was one of those poems that just flowed out really natural and needed little editing – doesn’t normally happen like that! And I often go looking for videos to fit what I’ve already written – nice for it to be in reverse for a change! 😀

    1. Yes that made me smile when I found that picture, it was perfect for the poem! I like to have a fun one every now and then, because it can get a bit too serious here otherwise! The trouble is I’m not always in a fun mood to write fun words, and that can go on for too long sometimes!! I see you’ve got a new name, you fooled me for a moment, then realised who it was! Gearing up for spring already!
      Suzy 😀

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