The Maestro



I really love this short film!  I just keep wondering about this character, if he were real, who was he before his days of homelessness?  And is it all just a fantasy in his head, or his he remembering who he used to be? 

A bit like some of you have said to me about my Piano Man story, ‘you want to know more,’ well that’s how I feel about this story.  And if this were a full length film, I’d sitting very still and paying full attention, because I love films like this!


8 thoughts on “The Maestro

  1. This is great – thanks for posting it.

    He has great hands and eyes, to begin with. And it was kind of sad when they took away the squeegee.

    But you never really know, when you see someone, what’s going on with them. You only glimpse it, sometimes. When you do, sometimes, it’s disappointing, others, it’s phenomenal.

    1. He does have great hands and eyes, and the filming is so good it emphasises those features really well. And taking away the squeegee was like snatching a beloved toy from a child!

      Yes, you never really know what is going on in the mind of someone who looks mentally unbalanced, or what terrible things they may have been through. There have been many of these in the city where I live, one used to direct traffic on the roundabouts, another used to walk around with bare feet looking like a monk, neither men were homeless, but they had a different idea to the rest of us as to what life was about. But I’ve not come across one that conducts the traffic or the sea yet, probably will now that I’ve said that! 😀

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