Stopped Counting Days


waiting_by_martasyrko-d4emgvm deviantart


I’ve waited all summer long
while you still choose to hide
Leaves are falling to the ground
and all the flowers have died


Clouds have come my way
and the days are getting cold
By the time that you return
I will have grown old


I’ve stopped counting days
since you left in a rush
Stopped counting days
since I loved you so much


What is love?” you asked me
over and over again
Such a simple feeling
you could not comprehend


My dear, what a fool you’ve been
only living in yesterday or tomorrow
Today counts for nothing
only opens your inner sorrow


Perhaps if I call your name
words may reach you upon the air
But I shall not be counting days
until I see you standing there





7 thoughts on “Stopped Counting Days

    1. Thank you so much! I’m constantly amazed every time I get another like for this, because this poem was written nearly ten years ago, when all my poetry had rhymes! When I posted this I really wasn’t expecting it to be liked so much, and I wonder if it is the subject matter that people are relating to as well, things like this happen to a lot of people. I have returned a little bit to a rhyme, in some of my most recent ones you will find there is rhyming in those too. But I’m torn between the two styles, I like them both! Thanks for your opinion, it’s always good to have feedback, I very much value what people have to say!
      Suzy 😀

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