Just thought I’d dig out the first poem I put up here – giving it an airing today!




 Last year on a hot summer day
down to the river I walked
to the place where you kissed me first
I’d been crying too many tears
we were strangers once more
it seemed you didn’t want me
and I didn’t know what we were together for
So much pain
on such a beautiful day
I wished
I were somewhere else
to be someone different
I closed my eyes as I lay on the grass
dreamed our sadness away
imagining we were butterflies
that we could only live a few days
We should be butterflies today
dance and chase through the air
see the world from a higher place
smell the flowers – speak to the bees
we could shelter under giant nettles in the rain
and we’d never need umbrellas ever again
If we could be butterflies today
we couldn’t speak hurt into life
we’d have…

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