She Wolf – David Guetta ft Sia



A kind of poetry in pop!  I love the way the words ‘I’m falling to pieces’ break apart and fall into the sea!  This is not the official video, but has still pictures from the original film very beautifully edited, with the words all coming in at the right moment.  Just a little warning, this has a lovely melody, but it does get a little loud at times – well, it is David Guetta!!




3 thoughts on “She Wolf – David Guetta ft Sia

  1. Hmm… when I tried to click play, it just said that the uploader has not made this video available in your country. So I looked up other ones available in the US. I love it. Although I loved Sia ever since I heard her song ‘Breathe Me’. And David Guetta is just everywhere on the radio…

    1. Oh no – not that message – great! I’ve come across quite a few like that myself recently – what is that about!? The internet is so global and interactive, it’s laughable when that message comes up – apart from the fact it’s also very annoying! Well, I’m glad you got to hear/see it, in another version! The official video was really good too. I do like looking out for lyric ones sometimes, especially when they get really creative with the words, and manage to blend it with perfect timing to the music – I’d love to be able to do some of my own, but it’s getting away from all the writing to concentrate on learning it all – somehow don’t think it’s going to happen!! 🙂

      Yes, Sia is wonderful! I like quite a lot of hers, she has an unusual way of singing, and she makes it all sound so easy and relaxed. And David Guetta is definitely everywhere! And when is that guy going to learn to sing!!? 😆

      1. Not quite sure what that message is about, but it is very annoying! What’s the point of sharing something when it has limited shareability? Love lyrical videos as well (sometimes even moreso than the official music video), some of them are so well made! I’m sure you could make some wonderful ones 🙂

        LOL, yes! When is David going to learn to sing?!

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