Your Words



Your words have been sweet
kind sounds in the air
lifting me up
soothing my inner devastation

Your warm and ever presence
keeps my unstable heart beating
a comfort
in darkness
in my hopeless little corner

When words come from you
they refresh
like a watered flower after rain
quenching my thirst within

And sometimes
you make me cry
not in sorrow
but in relief that I have you

Your words
they are creation
and life
in this fragile world of mine




Picture āž” 80 Words



13 thoughts on “Your Words

  1. I like this. Words are powerful. The right words – that accept, that encourage, that embrace, that reassure – can get you through a lot.

    1. Thank you! Yes – ‘the right words’ something probably most of us don’t experience much sadly. I completely agree words are very powerful, they need to be used with care, and that’s tricky to get right some days! šŸ™‚

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