When I look at the moon…

Mad About The Moon 3476


11 thoughts on “When I look at the moon…

    1. Thank you! I’ve got a thing about pictures, and I’ve just recently discovered a bit of fun in combining words with some of them. And it’s even better when other people like them too, don’t think I’d get much from doing this for my self really! Thanks for all your likes and your comment! 😀

      1. I love visual artwork too. I just wish I knew of a place where I could get my hands on some really nice creative commons sketches/paintings to incorporate some of my shorter poems into because I think it would really add a little extra oomph.

        1. Well, I use wallpaper pictures, I’ve figured that if they are free to obtain and seem to pretty much be everywhere it’s going to be very hard for someone to complain about me borrowing an image of their art to mess around with. I do normally give a credit to the wallpaper site, just to make myself feel a little better about it! I tend to feel a little for the artist whoever they are, that like me they’ve spent a few hours perfecting something they love. I suppose it would be a bit like finding one of my poems with art round the edges! But if they gave me the credit and a link to my blog, I wouldn’t mind so much!!

          In case you are interested here are some links to some of the wallpapers sites I use. http://www.youwall.com/

          And for the manipulation of pictures and wording I use a little programme called Photoscape, it’s an idiot proof version of Photoshop – so easy to use and so much fun. Don’t know where you get that from though, as my brother is the one who gets the programmes for me (my computer doctor!) But if you wanted to get a copy of it, let me know and I will ask him where he got hold of it. There are other programmes that will do similar effects. Hope this helps! 😀

          1. I currently use paintshop pro 9. I’ll have to have a look at those wallpaper links and read the copyrights on the stuff. Had someone want to sue me once for using one of their pics in something I put up on a website I had back in the days of aol and have been super careful not to step on any toes since then. Thanks for all the info! You rock!

      1. Yes, ma’am… It is a perfect picture. I’m glad to have found it, because I really enjoyed it. I think the moon tends to fascinate me too!! Especially when it’s full!! 🙂

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