Open Wide Your Windows


Open the door
Let it all in
Allow the change within


Black and white fades away
Open those beautiful eyes
And see the colours of your world today


Rivers running for freedom
Keep moving on
Thoughts leaving of where you’re from


Fresh as an ocean breeze
Don’t look back for a second
Life walks in – and life breathes


Let the stuffiness drift away
Open wide your windows
And inhale the new way


Let go – to search and find
Thinking on the inside of out
Smile – at your new unshakable mind


PictureAt The Window



27 thoughts on “Open Wide Your Windows

    1. Thank you! Well, this is one of my old ones, written a few years ago now, I nearly didn’t put it up at all! I still like what it says, but my style of writing has altered a lot, and I really didn’t expect that many to like it – I’ll have to get some of my other old ones out!!
      Suzy 😀

    1. You are very welcome! I only click the like button if I really like something, and I enjoyed looking at all your beautiful photography, and hope to back again soon!
      Suzy 😀

  1. “Let the stuffiness drift away
    Open wide your windows
    And inhale the new way”

    Love it. We must never allow ourselves to get stale but keeping ourselves open to new possibilities and perspectives. Lovely work!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s something I keep reminding myself of, especially the older I get, I don’t like the idea of getting stuck into a limited way of thinking. I open my inner windows a lot!! Thanks for all the likes and comments, it’s been good to meet you down the wires of the internet! 😀

    1. Tumblr is just a name for another blog company, you can have all sorts of themes like WordPress. It’s largely a much younger group of users, which makes the pictures and quotes posted quite eyebrow raising at times! 🙂 Lots of animated gifs of girls kissing girls sometimes!

      I thought I’d give it go and spread my works in another direction, but I don’t think many are into poetry on there, just pretty pictures, or ugly pictures! And great sayings and quotes that I often suspect don’t belong to the famous person they are attributed too, because they sound too modern! 😉 Anyway, it’s an education, keeping my brain aware of a younger world – useful for writing! 😀

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