Snow Flakes Drift

winter_love_wallpaper_44fa9 -

Snow flakes drift to my window
as the night sky turns dusty white
your arms encircle
holding this woman in love


The coldness of the night
makes me think of time
when you were not there
the unblessed days


Those hours of empty space
came to devour what little there was of me
Silence was my companion
music my only pleasure
gave my soul serenity
and soothed my isolation


There were days when all I could see
were people – with people
couples with kisses
absorbed in affection
and I could only manage
to wrap my arms around myself
and wish
that one day it would be mine


And now – on this icy cold night
you bring warmth to me
In this moment unfolding
I have my kiss
Affection absorbs each part of me
caressing my skin into the beauty of love
A body that desires my body
and silence
dares not to live within my walls


Snow flakes drift to my window
and the world turns dusty white
the blistering winds of my past
have turned away in shame
and you sweet one
are the balm to heal
my hope come to life



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