Who The Hell Are You?

Mirror Mirror by Matetex - flickr.com


I’m not sure
what to call you
staring out of that mirror
at me
like that

You look like my old headmistress
with your specs
perched on your nose
like that
And dislike for you
just grows and grows

It’s very sad
when the colour of your hair
has a name
Yours is called
golden chestnut
when it’s dyed
like that
and salt and pepper
old ladies hair
when it’s not
like that

Yes I know
you think it’s so unfair
your brows
are thin and faint
and they frown
way too much
like now

Your suspicions are rattled
because you know
I don’t trust
who you’re supposed to be
like right now
Yes – you keep saying
that I am you
and you are me

Who the hell are you
giving me those black looks
out of that mirror
Your eyes narrow
as if you don’t believe
anything you see
in that reflection

Yes – I know
you keep saying
you are me
But we’ll have to agree
to allow opinions to conflict
you’ve got wobbly bits
that I’m certain are not mine
all over it
Little baggy bits
hang under your eyes
and a freakish taste
in clothing
takes over
all over it

The method
to solve the problem
my teenage daughter
loudly said – “Mum,get over it!”


Picture: Mirror Mirror – Flickr



11 thoughts on “Who The Hell Are You?

  1. Coming in from Jottify (where I am Andrew Maclaren-Scott) as opposed to my blogging persona) and I like this very much. It resonates with me much as your Jottify poem today. I’ll be back (If that’s OK with you 🙂 )

    1. I know!! That’s what I tell myself after a silly late night reading poetry on WordPress, trying to cover my greyish baggy eyes with concealer!

      (Just a thought) the conversation above this is with a writer from Jottify, which I’ve been on for a few months now, just wondered if you’ve heard of it before? Here’s a link to my page, just in case you might be interested in joining. It’s good fun, some really excellent writers, and everyone is very friendly on there.


      Click the options at the top of the page and you can read anything you want. To comment and like works you have to open an account. It’s free to join, and to become a supporter is optional, and I haven’t done that yet!
      Might not be your kind of thing, but just thought you might like to see it.
      Suzy 😀

  2. mirror image is lovely, as it emerges slowly from a mist ( due to a hot water bath) and its beautiful to see eyes nose and open lips only, without the jaw line..and if that;s not you..then what to do :))

  3. Suzy, really enjoyed this poem. Loved its honesty (probably because I can relate… but like Rachael, I agree – the mirror does lie! haha). I liked the way it puts across the feeling that how who we feel we are on the inside, isn’t always reflected by our appearance to the rest of the world. Especially in the stanza:

    “Your suspicions are rattled
    because you know
    I don’t trust
    who you’re supposed to be
    like right now
    Yes – you keep saying
    that I am you
    and you are me”

    Also saw you mention jotify, which I’ve meaning to have a look at. I’m really enjoying your blog btw!

    1. Thank you Rachel! Yes, mirrors handy as they are, can be a real bitch sometimes! 😀 This was a bit of a fun poem for jottify, just to lighten the mood, poetry can get too serious and heavy sometimes, it’s nice to have a break and drop into the hilarious sometimes.
      I was going to tell you about Jottify next time I visited your blog, so it’s interesting that you picked this poem to comment on! Do check it out, I think someone with a writing style like you have would fit very well into Jottify. There are lots of really good writers on there and most people are very supportive. I mentioned it to a man I came across about a week ago, he was very disappointed to not get feedback on the writing on his blog, just a few likes. His writing was quite good and I thought, ‘this man needs Jottify!’ He seems to a happy writer now, I hope he stays feeling good about the site. If you do join, let me know your user name and I’ll look out for you.
      Suzy 😀

      1. I’m going to have a look on there now and register. I see what your gentleman means, it is lovely to receive the likes, but nothing beats real feedback from like-minded people, namely writers 😉 I’ll drop you a note and let you know my username when I’m registered. Apologies if you see some of my stuff repeated on there… Thanks again for the tip though and hopefully speak again soon! Take care, Rachel

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