Your Swan

for he love of odette - swan lake


Once a upon a carefree time
you held my face with a young man’s hands
kissed me on my ruby lips
telling me you felt like the lost boy found
We wrapped ourselves inside a cloud of rapture
talking all through a dark and starry night
creating the perfect image of our time yet to live
How we laughed at the thought of being husband and wife


But I was like a diamond in the velvet sky
with a vision of the rippling lake
Odette hovered over the water
calling me to glide on beside her
I couldn’t stop my body joining in the dance
it was the substance of who I was
everything I was going to be
the only hope I could really believe


Thirty two times I twirled for you alone
and danced the death of your fading swan
my wings filled with passion, and up I flew
But I never intended to drift so far from you
I heard you were broken after I’d gone
You turned from a dreaming boy to a practical man
That you never walked into a theatre ever again
you buried our memories deep, and your new life began


I heard the girl you fell in love with
was the one with the soft brown eyes
that she made you laugh and made you a home
and you made her your wife
I heard you have a daughter
who has all the letters of my name
and like me she loves to pirouette on her toes
Because the vibe and the dance – lives within her bones


Picture: For The Love Of Odette – zara 2020



12 thoughts on “Your Swan

  1. Suzy,
    I really enjoyed the flow of this poem. I loved the tie in at the end especially with the letters of her name and the love of dance…
    Great choice of picture to match the poem.

    I believe dance and music live in the bones …


    Stephen (North Carolina, USA :D) … G’nite from this side of the pond…

    1. Thank you Gloria! This was inspired by an Austrian ballet dancer my dad nearly married in the 50’s, but she returned home never to be see again. But I think I have something to thank her for, because feeling lonely after that my dad met the woman who became my mother, so I suppose if the ballet dancer had not flown home I wouldn’t be here at all!! Thanks for your likes and your lovely comment, very nice to meet you in this fascinating world of blogs!
      Suzy 🙂

  2. I love this one. It’s so sad, though! When we were kids, my friend and I used to have this test for our poems: If you could feel chills down your spine, or goosebumps on your skin, we’d know that the poem was “better” or “special”. This poem made me shiver almost violently.

    It’s really lovely..

    1. That’s a wonderful compliment, thank you! 🙂 Some of this is fiction, but some of it isn’t. It’s based on a ballet dancer that my dad was engaged to as a young man living in London in the late 1950’s. She was from Austria, and very suddenly told him she had to go back home. I don’t think he was ever really sure why, if it was to do with her career or some family matter. It is possible she was already engaged to someone back in Austria, and that may explain, why she didn’t explain, or not much anyway . Left him heartbroken, but then he met the woman who became my mother, so I suppose I have something to be thankful for that woman, because if she hadn’t left for home, I wouldn’t be here!
      Suzy 😀

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