The Summer Never To Be Forgot


It’s you
you are here
and everything is new
and suddenly
inside my mind
it feels like summer
forever days
our time of pure magic


Didn’t imagine
not for one moment
I’d ever see your face once more
see those eyes
smile at me again
see them say –
It’s you – it’s really you!’


How many years?
How many days?
And the hours?
Lets be kind
and not count the hours!


You are the same
but also
you are not
You are the man
who made me feel alive
made me feel beautiful
just for a little while
who turned that summer
into a memory most treasured


And I
am I still her?
That bright young thing
that drew you
like a mad moth towards the shining flame?


Perhaps not
of course
I cannot be
and you are not
the tallest
most handsome stranger
any more
Not so tall now
Not so handsome
And most definitely not
a stranger


oh – how good it is
to see you here
this – never to be forgotten day
still smiling
reaching out hands
our not so young hands
remembering that time
in the summer never to be forgot


Picture: Love – Leonidafremov



7 thoughts on “The Summer Never To Be Forgot

  1. Oh, how beautiful…a reminiscence of a summer love. I bet it’s just like that, if you were to see them years later. Love the photo you have with this one Also. Lovely, and well written. 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂 This one was written purely with with my imagination, but I’d like to think it would be that way if it ever did happen. It must be strange to meet someone you used to know when you are very old. Can’t imagine what that must be like! Oh yes, the painting is one of Leonid Afremov, his paintings seem to crop up everywhere. Very colourful style he has. I thought it was lovely because the stokes of paint create a feeling of movement – kind of a whirlwind romance! 🙂

      1. I couldn’t imagine either…But I agree definitely!!! It could be strange or a instance of strange deja vu!!! Lol Quite lovely painting.. Very romantic indeed. I was drawn to it!!! You know me and color!! Lol 🙂

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