A Timeless Writers Heart

IMG_0134 - copy 01


The cover of a book
can display more fiction
than the words on the actual page
And beginnings
and endings
can beg the reader to buy
But the books
I never fall out of love with
their covers often bland
are to be
or found
by chance of being there
just a lucky day


My mind quivers
eager with anticipation
at what my eyes will see
between the musty ancient pages
as my fingers stroke the aged and tatty skin
of a book from long ago


Authors I’ve not heard of
but were men of great fame
in their literary day
declared to be written ‘By A Lady’
a nameless novelist
a woman
quietly competing
in a man’s world of books
All their words folded into paper
a hundred years or more
the print
to be read
or spoken
just one more time


And now I
this woman of ebook future
and computer literate age
will absorb
the declaration
the knowledge
and the beauty
of a timeless writers heart


Picture: Suzy Hazelwood



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