Baked Potatoes And Bonfires

It’s a little early for your mulled wine dear
has Christmas come early?
plying me so soon
with your blend of magic spice
as you do my love


So I’ll drink
or perhaps sip upon your devotion
watching you love our little ones
not as little now
but still young enough to find fun
in fireworks – sparklers – hot dogs
bonfires and baked potatoes


The wine is hot dear
positively chillified
is there reason for the heat?
perhaps a lack of loving
in our monochrome world?
the long gaps between quick kisses
we peck with sharp beaks now
instead of luscious lips
gone are the soft lips
long smoulders we could never end


If someone asked me
if your hands were rough or smooth
I’d say – I don’t know
it’s been so long since I held them
they may be a little rough now
like the sound of your voice is to me


As long as we still have jobs
the money keeps rolling in
the kids are washed
fed and loved
we sleep safe and sound in our beds
that’s all that matters
keeping our nest bound
us birds
you and I
and the chicks


Do you still recall
Guy Fawkes 2000
I discovered you catching my eye
we dined on baked potatoes
sipped steaming coffee
when the party was long dead
talked into the night
and with branches of a tree
stirred the glowing fire embers
sparks jumped to our shoes
and out from our hearts
igniting the beginning
our dreams
of building the strongest nest
a place where happiness could  grow tall and wide
and we’d laugh into a ripe old age


Tonight you are laughing
spilling like waterfalls
as I spill your wine
not laughing with me
just with our chicks
tonight you are the entertainment
in our frail nest
lighting fireworks
to hear their giggles and screams
to see their eyes shining
the little ones we made together
the evidence of love
love that was
not is


When they are strong
and fly away
I fear they may be the only evidence
of what we first discovered
over baked potatoes and bonfires
they might say of us
we never let them down
that they lived the childhood dream


May they never know
of our secret my love
that for you and I
baked potatoes and bonfires
will never be the same again



3 thoughts on “Baked Potatoes And Bonfires

  1. Aww, very sweet, but sad. He misses the way he and his wife used to be. He misses the love they shared together. She is rough with him, but loving with the kids. I really wished marriages/relationships kept their spark. Just as he and his wife had when they first met. But I know it takes two willing people. Beautifully written, You are such a talented writer Ms Suzy. I love how you pull your reader in. 🙂

    1. Yes it’s sad the way relationships really lose that early sparkle – if only!! I wrote this for the 5th of November, our very ridiculous firework celebration to do with Guy Fawkes. Whether you agree with the reason behind the date or not, you can’t miss it, the night skies of Britain light up with fireworks! I was thinking about what it must be like for families at that time of year when they are not so happy, but they put on a brave face for the children because they don’t want them to see their unhappiness. And it’s interesting you saw it was a man, because I had in mind it was from the woman’s perspective, but that’s good, because I’ve just realised, you can read this either way, something I hadn’t noticed until now. How could I have missed that?! Thank you for that discovery!! 😀

      1. Ahh, for a firework show!!! Nice, I have got to believe it was beautiful. Firework displays are always full of fun to watch. Other the other hand. Yes, it is very sad for the families that endure unhappiness. Situations like that are never pleasant. I think it’s awesome to see the story played out from both prospectives. Also, you are so very welcome Ms Suzy!!! I always enjoy your work. 🙂

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