All Of Now

Today is happening
right in front of my eyes
But the future
plays with my thinking
plans, arrangements
things to do

Now is – now
I want to see it all
not missing a single moment
Now – is being alive
seeing the small
the significant

Seeing that which I have never
acknowledged before
what is passing
in front of my eyes
The witness
of the start and the finish

Seeing in now
is knowing the words people will speak
even before they do
The silent language of their desire
of their body
their intentions
escaping from the inside
to the outside

And each thought
each breath I take
I want to feel
I want to know my own self
the language my body speaks
to me
to the world

When my mind is occupied
weighed down
thoughts of later and tomorrow
invade my space
A reflection of something said
an action done
Why did they say that?
What did they mean?
What did they have to do that for?
Why – why?

I could live my entire life
somewhere else
thinking like that
Going round and round
over and over
of yesterday
last week
many years ago

Missing so much that could have been
Not catching what occurred
all around me
Not seeing
but only aware of myself
as though this world just contained me

And what I think I’ve surveyed
eventually becomes rearranged
Not much left to remind me
of what actually happened

Right now is happening
And that’s the place I want to be
To stay briefly still
Absorbing not what has been
or what will be
but – what is

is where I want to stay
No longer living in a vacant mind
missing the impending trick
Opportunity for something
to be taken
Because my mind was
for the moment
was over there
was not here
forgot to live in now

Now is eternity
Eternity is now
And time is nonsense
Just a game for the fool
to rush – rush – rush
to keep moving on
to plan in meticulous detail
to think ahead of what is logical

To be busy – busy – busy
To prepare
to buy
to spend – spend – spend
To de-clutter
and next year
“Let’s do it all again!”

To up-size
and down-size
Or to have lost everything
to someone
a faceless one
never introduced
never known
To leave this earth
with little evidence
of a good life really lived

If I never feel now
how will I ever have known it?
My memory will be of stories
a substance
of what I thought I lived

But if I stop
pause the flow
suspend the clambering thoughts
for a little while
to that which has not been revealed
Not the brain
the wiring
the wheels
and cogs
But listen intently
to the struggling soul inside
the timid voice
that is always faint and small

to what it doesn’t want
what it asks for
what it cries out to discover

Then today will be happening
on the inside and the out
Then – and only then
will all of now be known


Picture: What Do I Stand For – Deviantart



7 thoughts on “All Of Now

    1. Thank you so much! I Wrote this for a writers website and it was liked a lot on there. I think we all have the need to suspend those clambering thoughts sometimes, but not always easy to do! 😀

  1. Really love this one too. Its as if you gathered all those loose thoughts in me and focused them into Now. 😉 Really touches a sincere desire expressed wonderfully in your words!

  2. Going through some random posts:
    I like these lines

    “When my mind is occupied
    weighed down”

    Tell me when mine isn’t. 😦

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