We Should Be Butterflies



 Last year on a hot summer day
down to the river I walked
to the place where you kissed me first
I’d been crying too many tears
we were strangers once more
it seemed you didn’t want me
and I didn’t know what we were together for
So much pain
on such a beautiful day
I wished
I were somewhere else
to be someone different
I closed my eyes as I lay on the grass
dreamed our sadness away
imagining we were butterflies
that we could only live a few days
We should be butterflies today
dance and chase through the air
see the world from a higher place
smell the flowers – speak to the bees
we could shelter under giant nettles in the rain
and we’d never need umbrellas ever again
If we could be butterflies today
we couldn’t speak hurt into life
we’d have no mouth to form the words
we’d have no arms to fight
there would be no time to hate
for there would not be time enough
if only we could turn to butterflies my love


Picture: Butterfly Wallpaper – Goodfon.com



29 thoughts on “We Should Be Butterflies

  1. Ah, yes. To end before the heart ache… I know that feeling. What a sentiment, if only we were butterflies. Not these, diurnal moths that live in the light, yet carry with them the darkness.

    1. Oh – hello sarahjane! Just struggling to put up a second post and it’s all going wrong, your lovely message just brought a smile and wiped off the frown! You’re the first person to comment, pity I can’t give you a badge or something!! Thank you for finding me!
      Suzy 😀

    1. Thank you, that’s so kind of you to say – but I’m blushing now!! All the thoughts in this are from a time when I wasn’t so happy. I was inspired to write this many years later after watching the film ‘Bright Star’ about the poet John Keats. Thank you again for your lovely comment 😀

      1. You’re so very welcome! 😀
        I will be sure to check out this film too, as I studied John Keats and came to adore his work. I love Bright Star though my favourite is definitely When I Have Fears. 🙂

  2. Just reading your poem after seeing the video of Keats. I can certainly see why you were inspired to write this piece. It is beautiful.

    I wish we could hear you read it yourself. When I see a poem I think I will like, I try to read it aloud. Just a glance over a verse does not do it justice.

    1. Thank you Ladysighs! 🙂 Interesting you what you said about reading it out loud, I have been considering the possibility of doing that, but I’m not sure my voice would do it great justice, not that it’s a bad voice, but I’m not sure what it would sound like, as I’ve only got a little mp3 recorder for recording memos and so on, and the sound isn’t great, doesn’t really tell me much about my voice. I need to invest in a microphone for the computer first. I was also a bit confused about where the music player, or whatever it’s called is to be found on WordPress. I couldn’t find it in the widgets list, so I’m guessing it may be a plug in. Or possibly something really obvious staring me in the face and I can’t see it! I’d be interested to know where you got it from?

      And you are right, just reading the words on a page doesn’t always do it justice, some poetry is just crying out to be read! 😀

      1. I think it would be very nice if you could record some…or at least a few. I have recorded a couple, but I need to get a new microphone too. Probably won’t be soon. My sound is full of static and sounds crumby.

        But if you get something recorded, I can help you with the putting it on the page part. Won’t explain here until you really decide. I have another blog https://mixandmatchmeme.wordpress.com/

        In almost every post of that blog I put one of my recordings.
        That blog is the sillier side of me. I guess we all have one. lol

    1. Yes I did reblog it a little while ago, but can’t remember who liked or not, and I can see your like there now, but I really couldn’t say I noticed you hadn’t commented. I don’t see people not stopping for a comment as a creeper! It takes time to comment, and there are a lot of things to read, people to reply to, and oh – lets not forget what were going to write next! Don’t feel bad if you ever don’t leave a comment, I certainly won’t mind! Sometimes I’ve liked poems or photos, but the only stupid thing that comes to mind to say is ‘beautiful!’ So if I ever say something like that you’ll know my brain is having a bad day, struggling to find the best way to say why I love it! Some of the other writers on Jottify say the most wonderful intelligent comments about why they like my writing, but when I come to say something to them, I feel like an uneducated idiot!

      This was the first poem I put up, but at least you made down to the bottom of the blog eventually! 😀

      1. Suzy, is your side bar all wonky? Cuz mine is for my top posts and pages. It’s been like that for almost the entire day now. Is WordPress going to fix this? It keeps showing my gravatar instead of the post pictures O_o

        1. Yes mine is the same! 😀 I’ve had this before, where every time I reblogged something the picture related to the reblog ended up repeated all the way down! If you remove the image facility in the top posts and pages and then go back into the widget bit and reset it, sometimes that works, for a while!

          Don’t know if it is anything WordPress can fix because it may be to do with a server not connecting somewhere along the line, therefore losing the connection to your pictures and displaying the only picture it can connect to. I’ve noticed some of the Gravatar pictures for the link to blogs can be only half displayed or displaying another blog image, and it happens on mine too, but as long as it still connects I suppose that’s what matters.

          But my theory could be rubbish and maybe WordPress are just lazy!!! Someone’s having an extra long tea break with their feet up somewhere! 😆

          1. It’s the first time it has happened to me, so I’m glad I asked you 🙂

            Kind of annoying, no? Tried to reset it but that failed *sigh* I’ll set it to just texts in the meantime.

            Thank you Suzy! ♥

  3. This is a lovely piece. Butterflies are very delicate, yet so strong – like love. On a side note, I am enjoying watching Odette perform a piece of her Act II solo –

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I find butterflies are written about so much in poetry, not sure what it is that makes them so poetic, maybe because they are so fragile, and in a lot of ways so are we! Thank you so much for your comment!
      Suzy 😀

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